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A geologist and archaeologist by training, a nerd by inclination - books, films, fossils, comics, rocks, games, folklore, and, generally, the rum and uncanny… Let’s have it!


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I’m disappointed that they aren’t literally fighting over this.

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we also believe that those at the pointy end of the train should reflect the communities they serve

This guy trains.

Trump Supporter Trolls Trial With Penis Balloons Featuring Alvin Bragg, Judge Merchan Faces (www.thedailybeast.com)

A pro-Trump New Yorker unveiled his latest piece of political performance art outside the Manhattan courtroom where Trump’s criminal trial is underway on Thursday, launching 100 pink penis-shaped balloons decorated with the faces of Trump foes like Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg and Judge Juan Merchan. The artist,...

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Viral indeed!

Emperor, (edited )
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He who has not given themselves a Dirty Adolf may throw the first stone.

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Masticate rectally with a six toy - we’ve all done it.

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Oh, masturbating. Jfc why even censor that, and this heavily?

They’re a bunch of wankers?

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Acasta Gneiss.

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Great news, I’ve been waiting for thus.

Pals ecstatic after spotting ‘Northern Lights’ - but it was a Premier Inn sign (www.mirror.co.uk)

Karim Akhtar and Solomon Laurent were walking home from a night out on Friday when they noticed a purple hue lighting up the Norfolk sky. The duo, both 22, immediately whipped out their cameras and began filming a TikTok video as they laughed in amazement and couldn’t believe their luck. But just seconds later, they were left...

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I assume it’s a static page because we’re always at it, we can’t help ourselves.

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That too.

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He’s at least from the British Isles.

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