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Longer hair than you.
Got the ⏻ symbol into #Unicode.
Open Standards / Source / Data geek.
Known as https://mastodon.social/@Edent on most social platforms.
Did an MSc in using the Metaverse for analytics.
Bit obsessed with #SolarPower but not quite a #SolarPunk.

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Edent, to random
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Edent, to random
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About a million years ago, I "invented" a Theramin which could be played on an Android phone.


Sadly the app no longer works, but the music lives on!

Edent, (edited ) to random
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Remember "Blair's Babes"? The 101 female Labour MPs elected in 1997 - http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/4698222.stm

Approximately 46% of Labour's candidates this election are female.

What do we reckon the press will name them?

Edent, to random
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🆕 blog! “Book Review: The Soul of a New Machine - Tracy Kidder”

I hate it when I DNF a book. But "Soul of a New Machine" is just dull. It's sort of a hagiography of an obscure company which once made a 32 bit computer. All the men (and it seems to be mostly men) are in turns dull, agressive, or just dicks. As a sample quote: […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/06/book-review-the-soul-of-a-new-machine-tracy-kidder/


Edent, to random
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Holy forking shirtballs!

Actually won something on the Octopus wheel o' fortune.

A whole quid. Nice 😆

Edent, to hardware
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🆕 blog! “Review: Framework 16 Laptop”

Several years ago, I purchased a Clevo N151CU laptop with the idea that I'd gradually upgrade the RAM, storage, and other bits. After my keyboard failed, I found it difficult to find replacement parts. The whole point of the Framework laptop is that it is specifically designed to be modular. It come in kit form, […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/06/review-framework-16-laptop/

#hardware #laptop #linux #pop_os #review

Edent, to random
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One of the things I love most about Mastodon is that it translates the alt text of images!

I don't speak German well enough to be able to understand this post otherwise.

(I also love the culture of people actually adding useful alt text!)


Edent, to UKpolitics
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Here's a list of everyone standing for election who has a Mastodon account:


Only 11 candidates so far.

If you know of any others, please add it to their candidate page.

If you know of anyone standing, please encourage them to join the Fediverse.

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By contrast, lots of people standing for election have TikTok accounts.


I wonder if that'll help swing the youth vote?

Edent, to queer
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Edent, to random
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OK gang! Do I know anyone in London who is good at SMD soldering?

I want to remove the micro-USB port off this circuit board and replace it with a USB-C OTG plug - which I already have.

Alternatively - anyone know how I can wire directly into the pogo(?) pins under the numpad?

This should allow the #Framework to use #NFC for #WebAuthN.

Board sticking out of a laptop.
Board lying in a laptop crevice near some pins.

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(Thanks to @alphasixtyfive for gifting me the 3D printed casings!)

Edent, (edited ) to random
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Do you spell it:

popey, to random
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@Edent Greetings. Minor broken link at the bottom of this blog. Looks like a mailto link. https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/02/a-tiny-incomplete-single-user-write-only-activitypub-server-in-php/

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@popey thanks! Fixed.

evan, to random
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Is there a general-purpose ActivityPub implementation that runs on cheapo PHP+MySQL hosting?

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@evan I wrote this one - https://gitlab.com/edent/activitypub-single-php-file/

PHP and no database.

It works. You can send and receive federated message, follow and be followed.

Easily runs on a low powered server - but isn't exactly bursting with features.

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@evan not sure what you mean? It speaks to a bunch of different AP services (Masto, Lemmy, PixelFed, etc).
But it doesn't expose an end-user API.

Edent, to random
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🆕 blog! “Getting lots of BIMI images using Python”

I've written before about the moribund BIMI specification. It's a way for brands to include a trusted logo when they send emails. It isn't much used and, apparently, is riddled with security issues. I thought it might be fun to grab all the BIMI images from the most popular websites, so I can potentially use […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/06/getting-lots-of-bimi-images-using-python/

wongmjane, to random

hello? is anyone here?

just testing if anyone can see this post..

edit: oh cool i thought i was talking to the void. thanks

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Hope federation comes to UK/EU soon 😃

Edent, to startups
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🆕 blog! “I don't understand the sacrifices people make for work”

Just before I graduated from University, I went to a careers fair to help me decide what I wanted to do with my life. At one of the stalls was our local Police force1 - advertising the exciting new world of digital forensics2. Here is - almost verbatim - the conversation I had with the […]

👀 Read more: https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/06/i-dont-understand-the-sacrifices-people-make-for-work/

Edent, to webdev
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Is it possible for a website to detect it is being viewed in incognito/private mode?

Is it possible for a hyperlink to force loading in a private context? (Like _target="blank" does for a new window.)

gsuberland, to random
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If you've got footage from , please send me links!

Watching the lasers from the control booth is fun, but I always love seeing what it's like from the audience's perspective too.

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Edent, to books
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I'm trying to read "Soul of a New Machine".

Two chapters in and it just feels… dull.

A fairly bland corporate biography - almost a hagiography.

Does it get better / more interesting?

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Ugh. I hate to DNF a book, but Soul of a New Machine is getting more tedious. Just seems to be proto-bros being dicks.

I completely see how staggering this book must have been on publication. The mix of fake-it-till-you-make-it and move-fast-and-break-things is pretty revolutionary for the time.

But now it's a tedious and played out narrative. And it isn't like they're developing a "famous" computer.

(Not looking for your permission to stop reading and/or I'm pleased you enjoyed it.)

Edent, to random
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Woo! Just put down a deposit on a @frameworkcomputer

Looking forward to running @pop_os_official on it and, hopefully, building some expansion cards 🙂


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OK! I've got @pop_os_official installed on @frameworkcomputer and everything... just works!

Still need to get used to the new keyboard layout and remember all the little shortcuts I use, but very happy so far.

I've even got my #NFC #FIDO2 hardware working - https://shkspr.mobi/blog/2024/04/review-acm1252u-z2-nfc-reader-board/

I'm hoping I can find a way to hook it up internally. Not much space, but that's a challenge for the future.

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The fingerprint sensor of the Framework works perfectly in Pop OS.

I think this is the first time I've owned a Linux laptop where the biometrics worked.

Biggest challenge so far has been setting the right scaling for text. #Wayland's fractional 1.5 seems to work best, but I've also manually boosted some font sizes.

Edent, to random
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Have you written your backup plan yet?

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