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Old, large, cranky. Gotta go to the bathroom.
Also, that picture isn’t me.

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Interesting that both stadiums opened on the same day, but it makes sense – baseball’s opening day. Also noteworthy that both ball parks were constructed at the expense of the team. How quaint, that a company should construct and own its place of business without forcing taxpayers to underwrite it.

Hope you’ll keep this subLemmy going, thanks.

April 20th, 1914 - Ludlow Massacre (en.wikipedia.org)

Beginning in September of 1913, 10,000 workers for the Colorado Fuel and Iron company went on strike to protest low pay and poor working conditions. Workers constructed a tent camp housing 1200 workers near the company town. On April 19th, 1914, the Colorado National Guard deployed a machine gun overlooking the camp and demanded...

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I’m a lefty, like to think I’m fairly well-informed, but I’d never heard of this. Wow.

Gov. Reeves proclaims Confederate Heritage Month in Mississippi (www.mississippifreepress.org)

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves declared April 2024 as Confederate Heritage Month in Mississippi, keeping alive a 31-year-old tradition that began in 1993. Beauvoir, the Biloxi, Miss., the museum and historic home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, announced the proclamation in a Facebook post on Friday, April 12....

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Nothing Al Gore says is of any importance. Vote.

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The AP’s shitty coverage doesn’t even mention that the undercover cop who got severely beaten is black.

Cops beat a black undercover cop at a protest, because he was (a) black and (b) at a protest. Of course, cops routinely beat protesters, especially black protesters, but everyone who’s beaten doesn’t get a fat payout like this. Only cops, and only if they sue.

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This ‘attack’ is like the joker in home room ‘attacking’ the teacher with a spitball. It’s nothing much, and certainly nothing “world leaders” need to worriedly respond to.

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Sneering is rude, and I try to be polite. But those voters, those souls are lost and cannot be reached. Our survival depends on getting sane voters to vote.

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