Celebrate October by posting arachnids and spiders with the tag #Arachtober. I am jciv, a macro photographer living in South Texas, USA, who loves spiders. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ“ธ๐Ÿ•ท๏ธ

If you dislike spiders, don't follow me. In account preferences, go to Filters to filter out hashtags you don't want to see. All the #spider photos I upload will be tagged. I will not use #CW on #spiders or #insects.

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Arachtober, to spiders

It's been a while since I have been on here. It's hard to find time to be online or outdoors as much anymore. But I couldn't say not to doing another table at the National Butterfly Center for today. Always exciting to talk about .

Arachtober, to spiders

Jumping Spider
genus Phidippus

Arachtober, to spiders
J12t, to fediverse avatar

Who do wish were part of the who currently is not?

People, professions, fields of expertise, ...


@twizzt @cptofmysoul @J12t I post mostly during October, but I am around occasionally the rest of the year. I am not too good at spider identification outside of South Texas though. There are a few people here, but it is not as active as active as Spider Twitter used to be.


@twizzt @cptofmysoul @J12t I am not sure they are still as active on the fowl site, if at all. The former version of the site was a fun place to interact with scientists and spider enthusiasts every October. 2023 felt very different. There are so many alternatives and there is no dominant site. That is good in a way, but makes it harder to find a bunch of experts. My favorite social media now is #iNaturalist.

Arachtober, to spiders

Striped Bark Scorpion (Centruroides vittatus)
The current Zodiac sign is Scorpio, so let's keep going with arachnids.

Arachtober, to spiders

Frilled Orbweaver (Kaira alba) - 30
I kept hoping to see what kind of web this species makes. Till I learned they doesn't use a web to hunt. This spider uses pheromones to attract moths and she grabs them when they come close.

Arachtober, to spiders
Arachtober, to spiders

29th - Baby Silver Argiope Garden Spiders (Argiope argentata)

Arachtober, to spiders

Rotting pumpkins are good hunting places for jumping spiders to catch flies.

Happy !

Arachtober, to spiders

My favorite, Southern Bolas Spiders (Mastophora cornigera). Camouflaged like bird droppings. Orbweavers, but instead of a traditional web, she dangles a strand of with an extra sticky blob on the end and emits pheromones to attract moths.

Arachtober, to spiders

Today is . A celebration of Deinopidae, Net-casting spiders. A fascinating family. I saw this one, my first, in Florida when @apsciencebydan and I went looking for spiders.

Arachtober, to spiders

Geolycosa riograndae. A brand new wolf spider species for me! Just standing on the patio in my backyard last night. I nearly ignored it, but I have been trying to post a few new spiders each day to iNaturalist for so I went to get my camera. When I saw his face, I knew it was different. They appear to only be in Texas. This is only the 5th recorded on iNaturalist in the Rio Grande Valley.

Arachtober, to spiders

Get ready for spiders! This is our 17th year celebrating #Arachtober. Join us by sharing your photos of #spiders and other #arachnids. #Arachtober has spread around the web on different platforms, each with its own unique feel. Interacting with arachnologists and scientists on Twitter was so much fun and educational. Hopefully Mastodon is even better.

Banner by zxgirl and I. We wanted to make it new and special. I tried to capture the feeling of one of Conall's scaterscape web refraction shots.

Arachtober, to spiders

Labyrinth Orbweaver (Metepeira labyrinthea)

Arachtober, to spiders

Crab Spider, Genus Mecaphesa I think.

Arachtober, to random

Baby Magnolia Green Jumping Spider (Lyssomanes viridis). It was so cute and tiny! I Googled out in the park to confirm what I thought it was. This was my second time seeing this species, when I was at a park in Washington, DC.

Arachtober, to photography

Dew covered spider web

juliancday, to random avatar

Looking to get off Twitter. The one thing really keeping me there is the larger community of poets, who are inventive and fascinating but also incredibly resistant to change. So if you're on Mastodon, and a poet, and I don't follow you, hit me up so I can change that.

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