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Your mom found love with me after 30 😛Jokes aside, yeah no, there’s no specific age for this. You might feel like there’s a cutoff age because of societal standards. Some people have a tendency to look down on people who aren’t doing great romantically and/or sexually past a certain age. Due to this kind of peer pressure, people can feel weird, ashamed, or “broken,” like they have no chances of finding love if they don’t do it young enough. This isn’t a problem with you or your age; this is a problem with toxic standards that society can have for romance sometimes.

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I had to cut out my father and my paternal grandparents because they literally flat-out refused, by their own admission, to respect that I’m transgender, going as far to say, in their own words, that they will NEVER be okay with it and guess what they did when I told them I want to go no contact? They accused me of being close-minded for excluding them over a “mere difference of opinion!” Maybe some of these parents that PragerU is talking about should get awareness. You can’t negotiate something that is non-negotiable. If I say “It is a requirement for you to not deadname me to be in my life,” and they explicitly admit that they refuse to stop deadnaming me, then what’s the middle ground? Nothing. They were trying so hard to have their cake and eat it too, and they were going as far to give a whole “BuT what iF iT’S OkAy fOr US To DEAdnAMe You ThO?,” trying to justify their deadnaming instead of simply saying “Well, you’re right! We don’t want to stop deadnaming you, so maybe it makes sense for you to cut us off!”

I don’t even understand how they think that’ll work in practice. What are they gonna do when my appearance gets too feminine for their own comfort? What are they gonna do when my voice starts sounding like something they’re not used to? What are they gonna do when I meet someone they know and they want to introduce me by my deadname even though literally everyone in my life besides them already knows me as Angel and that name is on my government documents too? It’s such a mind-boggling way of thinking that the only form of their logic I can derive is that they somehow think that being in my life will manipulate me into not transitioning and being content with being cis, but clearly that isn’t the case because I was out to them for a bit over 6 years before giving them Angel’s ban hammer.

They have two options: be transphobic or be in my life, but they can’t have both. They wanted so hard to be transphobic that they stayed out of my life, even though I sense that they’ll still try to disrespect my boundaries sometime in the future. They literally used my affirming gay uncle as a proxy to wish me happy birthday, and that was a few weeks ago. It’s sad because it indicates that they don’t get the memo and that they should operate under the premise that I’m not in their life anymore because I’m not! Who does it benefit? Do they think I, the one who cut them out, somehow think it’s a “good, noble gesture” for them to go so far to wish me happy birthday when their numbers are blocked and I haven’t interacted with them since I told them to fuck off? Mind you, my grandparents especially are the kind of people who would agree with PragerU on a lot of subjects, so this post isn’t anything surprising to see from Pennis Drager.


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  • 1: ✅ (Slightly more nuanced than this but overall true.)
  • 2: ✅ (I’d rather not use the filthy term, “vegetarian”, over “vegan,” but I’m sure the same scale applies regardless if you eat the animal secretions or not. Vegans are still, by definition, vegetarians [unfortunately].)
  • 3: ✅
  • 4: 🟡 (It’s usually to read my uncle’s articles, as he is a journalist for them, but I wouldn’t take that shit too seriously.)
  • 5: ❌ (I’m black!)
  • 6: ❌
  • 7: ✅ (I’m black!)
  • 8: 🟡 (I haven’t been to New York in ages, but I would do this if I were to go back.)
  • 9: ✅ (I’m not anti-“Merry Christmas” like chuds would think, but no one should be getting tilted over “Happy Holidays!”)
  • 10: ❌ (See point 2.)


  • ✅ = Yes or mostly yes. (Counts as 1)
  • 🟡 = Kinda/neutral/somewhat (Counts as 0.5)
  • ❌ = Nope! (Counts as 0)

My final score: 6/10

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For a group of people who are exclusively “attracted to women,” they also seem to despise the thought of a romantic gesture as basic as treating them with a kind present:


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Tell these Redditors to “get tough” on deez nuts


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I like Nazis getting fucked by communists, but this is not what I meant by that at all…

I made a criticism of Trump, and that got me to realize that people are still of the mentality that "anti-Trump must mean pro-Biden."

I won’t give too many details because this internet interaction is deeply unserious, but I made a YouTube comment taking a jab at Trump, and someone responded to me with “Oh, yeah, but Biden’s not any better about this, now is he?” smuglord...

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If I had to show the greatest example of lacking self-awareness with a single tweet:

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