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Ohio is poised to become the 2nd state to restrict gender-affirming care for adults (apnews.com)

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced proposals this month that transgender advocates say could block access to gender-affirming care provided by independent clinics and general practitioners, leaving thousands of adults scrambling for treatment and facing health risks....

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They should ban those for anything that's not restorative.

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The Alliance Defending Freedom video tapes a sermon by a preacher specifically violating the rule and send it to the IRS, trying to bait them into applying the rule because they are confident SCOTUS will declare the rule unconstitutional. The IRS never takes the bait. They'd rather have the appearance of a rule than no rule at all. As it is it is mostly self-enforcing on most congregations.

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All i would say is they should have provided 2fa if they didn’t.

At this point, every company not using 2FA is at fault for data hacks. Most people using the internet have logins to 100's of sites. Knowing where to do to change all your passwords is nearly impossible for a seasoned internet user.

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Is there anything we can do to avoid that protein? Diet or exercise?

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I am able to subscribe and see new posts since my subscription. That wouldn't happen if they were de-federated, would it?

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What the Pope actually said, "In any case, precisely to avoid any form of confusion or scandal, when the prayer of blessing is requested by a couple in an irregular situation, even though it is expressed outside the rites prescribed by the liturgical books, this blessing should never be imparted in concurrence with the ceremonies of a civil union, and not even in connection with them. Nor can it be performed with any clothing, gestures, or words that are proper to a wedding.The same applies when the blessing is requested by a same-sex couple."

The Pope says you can't. All that was authorized are things like blessings on groups who visit a shrine, which has always been the case and never had anything to do with their romantic attachments.

Ireland plans to dramatically cut welfare benefits for Ukrainian refugees (theleaven.org)

Plans to dramatically cut welfare benefits for refugees from Ukraine who flee to Ireland to avoid Russia's war are causing anxiety, according to a priest who works with the new arrivals. Officials in Dublin say that they want to "slow" the number of people arriving from Ukraine.

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There would be no penalty in this case. The law prohibits enforcement against the mother and activities that take place outside of the state are also not enforceable by Texas. The exception is if someone drives her to the state line for the purpose of obtaining an abortion or gives her money while both are situated in the State of Texas, although interesting would be a case where one is in Texas and the other isn't, bringing up the interstate commerce clause.

Texas allows medical exceptions. I have not yet read why this case did not qualify for the exception. Presumably because the court did not agree the mother's life was at serious risk? Has anyone a good read of the court's ruling?

Anti-abortion attorneys ascend federal government ranks with Christian right legal training - Kansas Reflector (kansasreflector.com)

“How is your interest anything but a religious view?” asked U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, one of the three liberals on the majority-conservative court. “The issue of when life begins has been hotly debated by philosophers since the beginning of time. It’s still debated in religions. So, when you say this is...

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Virtually no laws are enforceable unless there's a defining moment whereby someone becomes a person. Likewise, all laws regulating processing the dead and donation of organs are thrown into limbo without legal definitions of when a person is dead.

In the Hamas/Israel war, why does Palestine have "hostages" but Israel has "prisoners"?

This occurred to me while listening to the news. When they exchange people it’s always hostages for people held in Palestine and prisoners for people held in Israel. Why is that? Is it just perception or is there a practical difference?...

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Y'all, this is a rhetorical question meant to serve as a zinger against Israel. OP doesn't want actual answers.

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You get dollars the same way anyone else would in the situation: You carry a trade surplus vs. the United States and then allow tax payments to be made in dollars. Prices settle as a function of dollars available, rate of circulation, and volume of goods & services available.

The policy should produce a boost in exports & employment but also produce a shortage of goods normally imported. It'll also be a great time for Americans to visit, the dollar suddenly having a lot more purchasing power in Argentina.

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I'm out of the loop. Why is this happening?

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Russian military expressed fears over the actions of Ukrainian partisans operating in occupied territories. The Ukrainian resistance movement is gaining momentum, leaving Russian military forces on edge.

According to Russian soldiers, Ukrainians have been engaging in various acts of resistance, including delivering poisoned food, planting explosives under collaborators’ vehicles, and providing intelligence to Ukrainian reconnaissance units about the presence and locations of occupying forces.

*sobs quietly* (s3.eu-central-2.wasabisys.com)

late edit: DISCLAIMER: The pictured map is not actually a representation of the territories before colonisation. It’s a hypothetical map of what countries there might have been had the continent not been colonised, thus all the names and borders are fictional and have never existed....

North America prior to illegal immigration
Image of a map showing indigenous tribes and their origin.
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My wife is Ojibwe and her tribe illegally migrated several hundred miles west about one generation before Europeans arrived, taking land that belonged to other natives.

Brooklyn bishop celebrates Mass of Reparation in church after music video 'desecration' - The Leaven Catholic Newspaper (theleaven.org)

Bishop Robert J. Brennan of Brooklyn celebrated a Mass of Reparation Nov. 4 in a Brooklyn Catholic Church used in a violent and sexually provocative music video, and he has removed its well-known pastor from his diocesan development role.

Fate of two captured Ukrainian Catholic priests still unknown, says investigator - The Leaven Catholic Newspaper (theleaven.org)

The fate of two Ukrainian Greek Catholic priests remains unknown almost a year after their capture by the Russian National Guard amid Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, according to Forum 18, an Oslo, Norway-based news service that covers religious and intellectual freedom violations in several countries.

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Very likely these conditions are mostly existing audits of resources and rules for pressuring Ukraine to remove corrupt persons from the supply chain. It is a way to save face while giving what needs to be given to keep Ukraine out of Russia's hands.

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