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There are lots of clickbait-y stories circulating about the invasive Joro spider.

For context, Joro spiders are shy, harmless to humans, and they eat many common flying insects, including mosquitoes, lanternflies, and stinkbugs.

In the eastern US, you're likely to see their webs on power lines. You are NOT likely to see them hanging out on your hand.

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A pair of eyes that say "please don't crush me"

and also a second pair of eyes

and also a third pair of eyes

I'm not sure who this guy is, on first sight I thought it might be a pseudoscorpion, but on closer inspection it does not appear to have pincers - so it seems to be some kind of spider.

Another photo of the same spider from a diagonal angle, showing four eyes and the front legs, which are quite beefy. The spider is dark colored and standing on a wood table. Most of the body is blurry and out of focus.
A side view of the same spider. This shows that the body is elongated and dark and has a few bright yellow spots on the side.

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Crab spider (ID app suggests a northern crab spider) lurking on my Canada anemones this morning.

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A woolly jumper. Now go off, my little furry friend, and kill some bloody midges.

#Macro #Arachnnid #Spider #Nature

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They mostly come at night... mostly.

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New jumping spider! Sitticus palustris and Naphrys pulex are the closest options in my spider book, but I'm not sure. I often see P. audax and Platycryptus in the house, but these little brown ones stick to the lawn.
#spider #bug

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This week on , it's KINGDOM OF THE SPIDER (1977) starring William Shatner! It's gonna be like The Giant Spider Invasion but with better spiders and Captain Kirk gnawing on the scenery for an hour and a half :D

The flick's available on Tubi and Pluto, or you can download it in advance from right over here:

We start at 9pm Eastern on Sunday! See you there!

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A little jumping spider, that was running across my living room floor.
Huisspringspin / Pseudeuophrys lanigera

#macro #darktable #nature #spider #jumpingspider #springspin #spin #nederland #huisspringspin

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Katherine Bernhardt (American, b.1975)
Giant , 2003
acrylic & oil on canvas, 40.7 by 30.2 cm (16 by 11⅞ in.)

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It's been a while since I have been on here. It's hard to find time to be online or outdoors as much anymore. But I couldn't say not to doing another #Spider table at the National Butterfly Center for #EarthDay today. Always exciting to talk about #spiders.

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