NovaSquirrel, to Furry avatar

Tried to list out everything I've done to try and find a #furry #roleplay group:

Am I missing anything? Aside from VRChat I guess, but I really don't want to spend huge amounts of money just in the vague hope that I'll find a group on there. I don't want to do voice calls with strangers.

I genuinely don't know what else I could try aside from just hoping someone shows up who invites me into a group.

#rp #roleplaying #furryrp

Tesseks, to FiberArts avatar

I went to a viking renactment event at the weekend, here are some pics.

The dress I am wearing was made by my mum and is authentic. It was a three day thing and we slept over in the village, it was super cold and horrible to sleep in 😅. It was pretty cool tho.

I mostly spent my time wood carving and making a broom. The cat is a stray and is well loved by the park and has her own house there.

Me smol spoon :3


ianRobinson, to movies avatar

Bit of a grown up Hanna vibe to this film.

ianRobinson, to movies avatar

Sod it. I'm going to watch the new Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo film Role Play. It's on Prime and looks like a riff on the True Lies theme. Bill Nighy is also in it.

This is the first new film I've watched this year.

ianRobinson, avatar

I’m enjoying this. Looking forward to reading the reviews afterwards. I expect my view will be different from the critics. It often is 😊

PapaGlitch, to dice avatar

I realised I hadn't shared my "Dice Guardians" with you all. These were made by my youngest for me this Christmas and now guard my oldest set of dice (the set from the original D&D starter box)

7 multi coloured snails but the shells on their backs are different sided roleplay dice

PapaGlitch, to dice avatar
cragsand, (edited ) to blender avatar

This indie game is looking interesting. It's like or . A virtual tabletop but entirely in virtual reality.

I can't help to think how nice it would be if had a toolbox or inventory system built inside it like this. Then you'd already have access to a vast library of avatars and maps and a platform that most roleplayers are already familiar with. Building in & .

doofeohren, to ai German

Bei Tätigkeiten, wo man viel zuhören muss, ist das passende Hörgeräte wichtig! Denkt dran beim nächsten Rollenspielnachmittag :)

NovaSquirrel, to random avatar

I really hope I can eventually get to a spot where I have a community where I can hang out and interact as my characters and have fun, even if I have to somehow cause it to exist myself. No one I've talked to knows how to find the right kind of people so it feels like something that's just going to require a lot of luck and patience.

NovaSquirrel, avatar

It feels like if you want to play as a furry character and play primarily with furry characters that drastically limits the options available, and then you have to deal with edgy/dark/horny stuff being drastically more popular than everything else, and I don't know how to find people who like lighthearted and cute things.

Wizgrids, to DnD
Wizgrids, to DnD
Jtmoriartywriter, to dnd avatar

A huge part of what makes me a Forever GM is the fun of making stories for my friends to play out.

This is a map made with random dungeon dice, first time I've actually used them in 6 years ha ha =)

DnD 3.0, dnd 3.5, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Pathfinder Second Edition, Blue Rose AGE system, Call of Cthulhu, Adnd (advanced dungeons and dragons), it's all great.

What do you play, or are you curious about playing yourself? And yes, plenty of characters from stories have been built in game, and plenty of chars made ingame have found their way into my written stories!

@pf2general @dnd @rpgmemes

Gaertan, to DnD
rollenspielmonster, to pnpde German avatar

Der digitale Rollenspiel-Flohmarkt öffnet seine Tore! 🛒 Aktuell noch leer, aber bald gefüllt mit Schätzen aus fantastischen Welten. Von Regelwerken über Würfelsets bis hin zu handgefertigten Miniaturen - hier kann es alles geben, was das Abenteurerherz höher schlagen lässt. Mach mit, bring deine Schätze ein und lass den Markt zum Leben erwachen!

race4prize, to random

Bedtime Story

With Dakota Lovell & Trent Summers


OmbreMadeline, to random avatar

Thread: hey I do Nudevember!

Not all nudes will be original, I’ll dig out some oldies if they fit best.

I stole the list from @seltadys (thanks bun 🔥)

  1. Shadow
  2. Mark
  3. Comfy
  4. Restriction
  5. Secret
  6. Divinity
  7. Cold
  8. Interaction
  9. Bubble
  10. Reflection
  11. Raw
  12. Sweet
  13. Bliss
  14. Restraints
  15. Free
  16. Dream
  17. Release
  18. Colors
  19. Clothes
  20. Hard
  21. Night
  22. Wet
  23. Art
  24. Nature
  25. Mask
  26. Partner
  27. Warm
  28. Shy
  29. Fear
  30. Soft

OmbreMadeline, avatar
OmbreMadeline, avatar
Wander, to github avatar

Okay, at this pace I'm 100% getting banned.

While there's hundreds of uncensored models out there, it's only fun if you know you're not supposed to do it.

#github #LLM #roleplay #ai #copilot #shenanigans

Mela, to random German avatar

Me, to GM: "I just use the 2-page charsheet. 4 pages is a bit excessive for a two-shot."

Also Me:

#RPG #Roleplay #Roleplaying #pnpde #Mage #WoD

NathUltWeapon, to Furry avatar

"I do not mean to alarm you but...Awoooo." The towering veteran's transformed into a spooky werewolf! ...but with her distant-but-caring eyes and warm, flat voice, she doesn't seem like she'll hurt you.

Open Halloween roleplay starter!

🎨Art by: Coffgirldaze

#halloweenRP #MVRP #AnimeRP #roleplay #nath #100orangejuice #100oj #openRP #horrorRP #furry #furryRP

NovaSquirrel, to random avatar

It makes me really sad that I've been looking for a roleplay group for over a decade and I still can't find one that works for me. I can only find stuff that's depressing, horny, edgy, violent, sci-fi, lacking any furries, full of minors, or a combination of those.
I've had people link me to Discord server search sites which is unhelpful. I'd prefer to hear about someone's recommendation based on someone's firsthand experiences with a place.

fell, to godot avatar

I'm making slow but steady progress on my multiplayer dice roller with the ! I'm still not sure wheter I should make the grabbing and throwing using simple reparenting or physical contraints/joints. What you see in the video is using reparenting. I like it because there is way less latency. It feels more immediate.

I just need a nice way to cluster the dice nicely around the cursor instead of just keeping them at their relative distances, which involves a lot of math code I would like to avoid.

I want to use as many engine features as possible for maximum performance and least code to maintain.

A video of a video game showing four red twenty sided dice on a wooden surface and a mouse cursor interacting with them.

fell, avatar

Oh crap, turns out reparenting makes it really easy to throw the dice out of bounds. I might go back to my old technique of making the mouse cursor the center of gravity instead. Unfortunately, there is no engine feature for that, so I have to write (and maintain) code.

fell, avatar

@alghost Kinematic mode (Freeze Mode = Kinematic) turned out to be behaving very weirdly. It seems like any outside movement is countered by the physics engine. The object just flickers and doesn't actually go anywhere.

Your suggestion of placing them in a regular polygon around the cursor works really well, I'm going to keep that.

Lastly, updating the velocity in _integrate_forces works really well too, it makes the dice react more to the environment, which is nice. I can also add some "gravity" towards the cursor. However, it doesn't seem to prevent them from getting out of bounds and disappearing. It's less likely than just reparenting, but it can still happen, despite "continuous CD" being active. I might just have to hard-clamp their position under all circumstances.

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