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#pouetradio #np #rap #hiphop

J'me mets à l'abri des sortilèges
J'regarde la couleur des orchidées

Zinée - Orchidée (ft. Sheldon)

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Fans of hiphop: what are your favorite rap albums of 2024 so far because I got NUTHIN

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3 Feet High And Rising
2023 Europe 2xLP Reissue
Yellow Opaque Vinyl

1 of my 3 ALL TIME favorite album. A masterpiece of the genre.

I was in the mood to hear this, & thought I had it in my library, but didn’t.

So I remedied that & grabbed this excellent sounding reissue.
Deep, thumpy, & killer.

We recently lost David Jolicoeur (Plug 2) in ‘23.
When our time is over, we should all be so lucky to have given a gift like this to the world.


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#Music #np #PouetRadio #FediRadio #Rap 🎶

Cypress Hill - "Everybody must get stoned"

🔉 YouTube / Ruffhouse/Columbia via Invidious

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7pm Monday - Friday is Hip-hop time!

Radio Jammor is on the air...
Broadcasting from

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La 1ère mixtape de Noname, un p'tit bijou hors label (2016)

"Mama say she love, love, loved us
When the lights was off we had to stay with cousins
Granny at the BBQ with petty ass husband
Summertime, city life, Chi-town, my town, my town"

#Noname #Rap
#NeoSoul #Chicago #MusicWomenWednesday

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INTERVIEW: Gangstagrass are all in on creating the music America needs: a joyful amalgamation of bluegrass, hip-hop, and everything in between.

#Americana #Bluegrass #FolkMusic #HipHop #RandB #Rap

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Song lyrics becoming basic and more repetitive, study finds.

"Lyrics have also become angrier and more self-obsessed over the last 40 years, reinforcing the opinions of cranky aging music fans everywhere."

#Music #Lyrics #Song #Rock #Rap #GenZ #AFP #PhilStar

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Shabazz Palaces - Exotic Birds of Prey (album)

Yes it's Bey Day but make room for the latest from smoked out Seattle hiphop project Shabazz Palaces on Sub Pop. SP is led by Ishmael Butler, fka Butterfly of Digable Planets. Every Shabazz album is a fully realized avant future funk Mood and this one seems great so far

#hiphop #rap #weed #funk #BandCamp #music

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#pouetradio #np #rap #hiphop

"Réalisé dans Intelligence Artificielle"

Hugo TSR - La Pluie (clip officiel)

Yes! Nouvel album le 31 mai!

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Mmm, I'm goin' down, down, baby,
your street in a Range Rover ♪
Boom-boom, baby, ready to let it go ...

♫ Country Grammar ♫ #NowPlaying #NSR Nelly
#Nelly #Rap #Music

hiphopheaven, to HipHop

Is hip hop the only genre, where fans are too obsessed with classics. When people discuss who's rapper is better. Everybody talk about who have the most classics instead of who have more great music

#hiphop #music #rap #musicdiscussion

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Okay let's listen to some great music by women bc there sure is a lot of it

We'll start with a few of my favorite current artists in different genres. First up is Noname and her second Tiny Desk concert. Her album Sundial was one of my couple favorites last year in any style.

(more links in my TL)

#music #women #hiphop #rap

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Ce weekend c'était au Black Lab pour Al'Tarba et Senbeï qui présentaient leur album Rogue Monsters II

Pas pile dans mon genre, je savais qu'on était entre et , et ça basculait parfois ou même , mais en tout cas c'était plein d'énergie !

L'album est dispo en intégralité sur Youtube :

remidu, avatar

La première partie Maïcee faisait également un grand écart musical, entre #rap et #electro.

En cherchant parmi ses clips je retombe sur cet air de flûte que j'ai en tête depuis tout à l'heure, pas de raison que vous n'en profitiez pas :

Elle invitait le public à relayer sa musique, nul doute qu'un partage sur Mastodon va faire décoller sa carrière.

#pouetRadio #music

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DJ Black Low - Uwami #vinyl @vinylrecords #ampiano #beats #rap #NowPlaying

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If I work hard at it, I can be what I wanna be.....

♫ I Can ♫ NAS #NAS #Rap #NowPlaying #NSR

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Well, I spoke too soon. Another one I can't believe I missed last year. And it is 🔥

I love The Roots and Black Thought is one of the greatest rappers to ever walk Earth, so this record he did with El Michels Affair shoulda been a no-brainer. It came out just 10 days after my birthday last year and I somehow heard NOTHING about it until a couple days ago. #NowPlaying

#hiphop #rap #BlackThought #TheRoots #ElMichelsAffair

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Nie wiem czy to przez te życiowe fazy
Czy może przez to, że jestem już starszy
Na co dzień czuję się tak niedzisiejszy
Choć dawno nie byłem wczorajszy

#Kękę #rap #music #znachor #muzyka

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Do you ever think, like ... in these confusing and chaotic times, what the world really needs is a british rap about hiding drugs up your arse.

You're welcome ☺️

#comedy #rap #explicit #british

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Capt Ahab sees a rap vid on the horizon ⚓️

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