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The swarmers attack in the original #Homeworld was, for 12-year-old me, a moment of awakening. The "I am so scared and this is so cool" feeling remains one of my defining experiences of interacting with media.

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I'm going to be selling for the first time at the on April 21st. I am clearing out a lot of hardware that has been taking up a back corner for too long. Most of it even works! A lot of it is relatively modern and working (i.e., you can install at least Windows 10, or any modern flavor of Linux), some of it is leaning retro: working 3.5" drives, an original Macintosh carrying case, and this Intellimouse that I pulled out of a box today.

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Also pulled out of that box was the Myth: the Total Codex on CD. Myth is still my favorite of everything has ever done. Really, it's this and are the only RTS series I've loved. I think I'll be keeping this one.

If you're not familiar, Project Magma ( keeps Myth updated for modern online play.

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Here's some preliminary test results for using 2.13.0 on 14.3.1, with Whisky.

  • Can't get Xbox controller to work in Wine 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • Chorus (demo): Runs fine
  • Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew (demo): crashes during tutorial
  • Helium Rain: Runs fine
  • Homeworld Deserts of Kharak: graphical glitches (no vehicles, known issue), otherwise fine, I guess

Mixed results, deffo. But I love that Heroic exists.

emory, avatar

@czottmann Deserts of Kharak i never played until last year and i'm currently stuck in some crazy scenario where i have to work my way across a giant map to rescue another squad. i don't know how many attempts i've made.

i loved HW1 & 2 so much, but hard to play on a Steamdeck without a keyboard without embracing a totally different way to play using multi-select menus and other Steam Controller features.

i can't wait for the new game. those two games are underrated imo.

Imperor, to crusaderkings avatar

We're continuing with the Steam Next Fest! Tonight: Millennia and Homeworld 3 - also discussing CK3 Chapter3!

come have a chat and let's check these games out!


TheSpaceshipper, to scifi avatar

Homeworld 2 (2003): Art by Rob Cunningham

asolitarybear, to Homeworld avatar

Going live on Twitch in a few minutes!

First up is Homeworld! Going to play the tutorial and some early levels.

And depending on how that goes, maybe start a Titanfall 2 solo campaign?


TheSpaceshipper, to scifi avatar

Homeworld was released 24 years ago today. Introducing the awesome Kushan Mothership.
The 2015 Remastered version is available on Steam, Epic Games Store and GoG (-90% today!) The third game is still scheduled for February 2024.

TheSpaceshipper, to Homeworld avatar

Homeworld 2 is 20 years old today!
Into the Karos graveyard, art by Rob Cunningham

TheSpaceshipper, to scifi avatar

Homeworld 2 was released 20 years ago today.
A magnificent real-time strategy game, remastered in 2015.
Suffice to say, I'm looking forward to the sequel, which Blackbird Interactive (Hardspace: Shipbreaker) is due to release next February, with enormous impatience.

TheSpaceshipper, to Homeworld avatar

Homeworld 2 (2003): Art by David Cheong

pixelsforbreakfast, to Homeworld

Another Indie Release Dispatch is out. This week we talk about , and other games, and @hellerphant talks about the experience of playing

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Oh mais j'y pense, je vous ai pas encore abreuvés, sous Mastodon, de ma collection de vieux jeux PC 🤓

De passage chez mes parents où elle est stockée je vais pouvoir vous montrer ça, je commence par ce Caesar II que je viens juste de recevoir.

Un jeu que j'ai jamais possédé mais que j'ai poncé chez un copain, son "Plebes are needed" me hante encore.

Le verso et l'intérieur de la boîte. On y voit la notice et le boîtier du CD.

CorentinLamy, avatar

Avant-dernière ! , un RTS avec des vaisseaux spatiaux, vous connaissez le principe.

Le verso et le contenu de Homeworld

TheSpaceshipper, to Homeworld avatar

Homeworld 3 (Feb. 2024)

Today, I have the great pleasure to -proudly- share an analysis of the creative approach to the design of the new Mothership from Karl Gryc – Art Director at Blackbird Interactive!


sharan, to Homeworld avatar

Severed Steel and Homeworld Remastered Collection are free to keep on Epic Game Store right now.

TheSpaceshipper, to scifi avatar

Homeworld 2 (2003): Art by Rob Cunningham

(I'm redoing this post because I had falsely attributed this art to Jon Aaron Kambeitz, sorry)

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