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🇧🇷El brasileño Marcel Gomes, uno de los 7 galardonados del Premio Ambiental Goldman 2024
🇧🇷Demostró que la empresa cárnica JBS es culpable de la deforestación ilegal en los ecosistemas más amenazados de Brasil
🇧🇷JBS ha sido vetado por algunos supermercados


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The disaster you could see from space: how a podcast went inside an

Nineteen dead, hundreds homeless and 700,000 taking legal action. Eco true-crime podcast delves into a dam’s collapse – and how it’s led to the ’s biggest ever class-action lawsuit

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Amaro Freitas: Y’Y review – transcendent sounds inspired by the | Music | The Guardian

> The experimentalist draws on the atmosphere of the rainforest and its mythical beings to create his most explosive, explorative LP yet

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There's obviously a back story here:

"Se você a conhecesse não diria isso."

"If you knew her you wouldn't say that."

Sometimes I wonder about the lives of these people ...

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📆 01/25/2011 🇺🇸 officials reportedly pressured 🇺🇦 not to transfer industry technology to 🇧🇷 scientists.
The U.S. restriction is clearly recorded in a telegram that the State Department sent to the U.S. embassy in Brasilia in January 2009 — now revealed by to GLOBO.

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- Seeds on the Ground: The Natural Sounds of Airto (Buddha, 1971) w/ Flora Purim, Hermeto Pascoal, Ron Carter et al. Couldn't wait until xmas to hear this one. Real Gone reissue sounds great. @vinylrecords

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Visiting the gaucho in-laws has wonderful benefits… 🥩🔥

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Hi, folks, thanks for accepting me. :ms_paws:

I'm a 44 years old guy who loves , , , weird , and . I play , and and I'm a coming back to drawing.

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from the ? Proposal to at river’s mouth worries researchers
Energy firm says any leaked oil would not reach the coast, but are concerned about a vast nearby.

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Hi, I'm Giu, a 21 years old and who loves watching and videos (mainly & ). My pronouns are she/her and I'm :D

Here are some random/fun facts about me:

  • is my favorite cartoon and the reason I started making art in the first place;
  • I absolutely love , they're the cutest little fellas;
  • I'm in the process of designing an anteater

Hope we can be friends!

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Hi! I’m H.
These are my paintings and drawings. I do a lot of these as part of my self mental therapy.

I’m art lover and cat lover. I’m 29 yo and have ( and also ). I suffer from panic attack once in a while. I’m half and half . Looking forward to meet people who share similar interest as I do. Basically im just trying to survive daily life and have fun :)


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”A Bailarina” by the artist Kobra, on the wall of Adrienne Arsht Centre in

First post of a series. Have a great week.

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♪♫ R.I.P. Astrud Gilberto
( 29 March 1940 – 5 June 2023)

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for the spoken World can mean only a Brazilian singer but for the and south America People, she was a fighter against dictatorships on a time when all those places where ruled by Dictators, she never waved on being a non conformist and a rebel for the cause of freedom and full democracy.
Today we lost more then a singer, a wonderful beautiful icon but also a bit of our souls.

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First, is illegal in . You cannot walk around wearing a swastika or be part of a group. You are going to be prosecuted for that.

Then, in November last year, a teenager killed four people and hurt twelve more in a school-shooting. Earlier in April, a man invaded a kindergarten and killed four children.

After the second episode, on April 14, the government released an ordinance for social networks due to school violence.


On April 19 (nine days later!), replied providing only partial information on the owner of that group, but nothing on the other participants. By then, the April 14 government ordinance was already in force.

On April 20, the federal justice determined that should provide all the information in 24 hours or be suspended countrywide.


On April 21, informed it was no longer possible to share information on the group because it has been deleted. But the federal police is aware that the group was still active on April 20 at least until 5:42PM.

On April 26, the federal justice determined that all the major mobile carriers, , and should block countrywide.


Do not get me wrong! is bad and I do not support it!

But this is not what is going on in right now. is clearly trying to play the legal system here. "stand(ing) up for our users in Brazil and their right to private communication" is pure bullshit.

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Time for on hazardous chemicals


"Hazardous and potential cancer-causing pesticides are being sprayed over farms...

Among them are multinationals like , -Cola and ...

banned in the and linked to potential human risks continue to be produced and exported by companies. Our investigation identified the ..."

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