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appreciation post:
Marble cylinder seals from ancient Mesopotamia, Late Uruk / Jamdat Nasr Period, c. 3500-2900 BCE:
(7) Three
(8) with a Plant
on display at The Morgan Library & Museum NYC

Scorpion with a Plant seal (numbered 8 on display) “Displayed here are seals with modern impressions replacing the clay used in antiquity. Below each impression is a photographic enlargement that clarifies the detail and beauty of the carving.”

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Synthetic Spider Silk - While spider silk proteins are something you can make in your garage, making usefu... -

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Don't you hate it when you pop down to your favourite flower for a refreshing sip of nectar, only to get a pseudoscorpion stuck to your face?

Freeloading floral hitchhikers!

Student Dustin Lamont found this pseudoscorpion attached to the probscis of the native NZ moth Pseudocoremia lupinata, on our ecology field trip to the Boyle Outdoor Education Centre in the Southern Alps last week.

#LinconUniversityNZ #insects #phoresy #pseudoscorpion #arachnid #nz #nature

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Great photos! For the arachnophobic, the article includes, right down the bottom, a picture of a spider but it's unbelievably well camouflaged, so you can look at the ant pictures without seeing it at all, and you'll have to scroll and scroll to get to the spider itself :)

Ultra-rare 'punk ant' with Sid Vicious-like mohawk photographed in Far North Queensland - ABC News

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Hey #invertebrate #insect #arachnid people, it's #InverteFest and @franzanth asked me to ask y'all to contribute to community science by finding inverts and posting them here!

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Arachtober, to spiders

Striped Bark Scorpion (Centruroides vittatus)
The current Zodiac sign is Scorpio, so let's keep going with arachnids.

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Frilled Orbweaver (Kaira alba) - 30
I kept hoping to see what kind of web this species makes. Till I learned they doesn't use a web to hunt. This spider uses pheromones to attract moths and she grabs them when they come close.

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Orbweaver waiting patiently in an old public telephone enclosure.

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A little spider is making her web on my porch light. I’m far more inclined to be nice to this one, I think she might be a little orb weaver but I’m not entirely sure

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I don’t have a lot of non spider photos for but I really enjoy this ( ) that I found last year.

KP, 90mm


Marked as sensitive for arachnid content.

A photo of the top of the Harvestman, it’s 8 legs radiating out from the potato-like central body

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This tiny toddler of a Grayish Jumping Spider (Phidippus princeps) looks like a child be scolded. I don't know what I did to it, but I sure am sorry. Perhaps its ashamed of my lack of diffusion as well... Seen in Manassas National Battlefield Park

#Arachtober #Arachnid #Spider #NationalPark #Salticidae

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Geolycosa riograndae. A brand new wolf spider species for me! Just standing on the patio in my backyard last night. I nearly ignored it, but I have been trying to post a few new spiders each day to iNaturalist for so I went to get my camera. When I saw his face, I knew it was different. They appear to only be in Texas. This is only the 5th recorded on iNaturalist in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Happy Arachtober, for those who celebrate.

But, a bee's life is a hard one.

This was taken a few years ago, but my garden now of course is full of spider's webs strategically placed to catch a few of the bees that come to the flowers. Everything has to live and the bees are soon finishing their work, with the arrival of the cooler weather.

Have a good Thursday, friends.


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Found a harvestman crawling along some planks at work. Probably the eastern harvestman. (L. vittatum)

For those who don't know, harvestmen may be arachnids, but they're not spiders! They're pretty easily identified by the broad connection between the front and rear body segments, making the body look like just one large segment. They sometimes get mixed up with cellar spiders, which also get called "daddy long legs."

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Orb-weaver spider greeting the morning sunrise above a foggy Iowa River along the .

Rihilism, to spiders avatar
Rihilism, to spiders avatar

Orb-weaver spider catching some rays on the along the Iowa River in Coralville, Iowa.

ryanhodnett, to Flowers

Goldenrod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia) on Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea),_Newfoundland_2019-08-21_(01).jpg

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A Wasp Spider (Argiope bruennichi) this morning in . These have only recently arrived in Bath and are spreading northwards, partly due to climate change, and partly due to adaptation to the cold.

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