[SOLVED]Stuck in The Depths with no teleport?

So I recently started playing ToTK, having finished BotW some time ago.

Playing through, all is well until I find myself in the Depths and having to return.

Selecting shrines or towers on the map gives no option to warp to them whatsoever.

Have I managed to softlock myself out of teleporting?

SOLUTION: I forgot I changed my health because fuck this tutorial. Changing it back to 3 before opening the second door makes it work.


Are you sure you aren’t in a funny state that may prevent wrapping?

Try idling then wrap

If it doesn’t work, please send your location

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I’m in the first bit of the Depths they send you to, where you have to light 2 of those big roots and talk to Robbie. He then tells me to go back up but the map doesn’t allow me to fast travel.

I read online about a 4th shrine on Sky Island that you have to teleport to before jumping down but I never knew about that so it seems the game just decided I could play on without that feature.


Uh oh. Looks like that could be a great discovery for Speedrunning

Honestly I can’t help you as you have an unintended state here, but I’m curious. How did you do to leave the great sky island without the 4th shrine? Did you somehow go through that door in the temple of time? Did you just fall after completing the 3 first shrines?

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yeah, just opened it with my hand power? Jumped off and got the title screen and everything.

I have now managed to get back to the island by using a savegame editor, but whatshisface’s ghost never shows up to tell me about this other shrine. The shrine itself doesnt have a button prompt.


There is a big door behind the goddess statue inside the temple, after you learn rewind you have to press a button to push on it and it consumes your hearts, but you will fail because it needs you to have 4 hearts. That triggers the cutscene to grab the fourth shrine, so you have enough to get the extra heart from the statue.

Opening that particular door is the trigger to unlock the tutorial and let you into the open world, it is, as far as is known, a required step, and even speedrunners do it because there are no known skips. If what you did somehow skipped that and was not just a goof on your part, you have just found out a glitch that will shave minutes off a speedrun and speedrunners would be very interested to know how you did it, if you can recall.

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After restarting and finding the tutorial incredibly infuriating, I’m guessing I edited my health earlier in my previous playthrough than I thought.

Just as an aside though, I think it’s silly game design to lock an entire feature behind a single conversation. Kinda feels like it should’ve automatically activated once I opened that door, cheats or not.


Ah, ok, the trigger that unlocks fast travel is activate scene to push the door and then cancel it, so even with edited hearts you would have to cancel the door opening instead of succeeding to unlock it first, your other save is definitely boned.

You could find one of the columns and ascend to the surface, then find a piece of sky and rewind back up or shoot up with a tower, but that door is already opened and you’d never be able to fail and unlock fast travel.


Uh. So you opened it by just using ultrahand on it? I need to see that in game

The usual way is to do the Puch animation, get told we need another heart, do 4th shrine, and open it then

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Who knows whats gonna happen if I come to it this time


Normally, you have to attempt to open the door and fail, to trigger the bit about the last shrine. Maybe you can re-close the door? Otherwise, maybe the helps you figure out what to tweak in the savegame editor?

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I’ve backed up my saves and decided to start over. See what I did wrong. Just gonna have to wait until I can be bothered to.


As far as I know you should not be able to leave the sky island without doing it, so I would just recommend to save, close and reopen the game, just in case it’s bugged. But if you actually do need to teleport to that temple to unlock something, you can still change your map to the sky by pressing up and then select it.

Also you are never stuck, worst case if you want to walk out of the depths for whatever reason, you can find some stone pillars that go all the way down and you can ascend up those to get back on the surface.

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Ok just to clear some confusion here: I understand how the map works. Moving the cursor over a temple and pressing trying to select it does absolutely nothing.
There is no option to fast travel, period.
I’ve saved, closed and reopened the game several times now.
I’ve explored more of the Depths but have yet to find any place that allowes me to ascend up to the surface. The Sky map shows I’ve found 3 shrines on Great Sky Island.


There’s one at the Akala labyrinth if I recall correctly. But it’s been a while and can’t remember where the other assend columns are

There’s the lost woods one but you’ll be stuck after going there

Looks like an interesting challenge tho! Good luck on your no teleport run!

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Good luck on your no teleport run!

yea nah fuck that

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