Veda Invades! Visas Lore Cards from AGOV! (ygorganization.com)

The recent Yu-Gi-Oh release brings forth the invasion of Veda! Introducing a new cycle of Visas cards, this set features Visas Samsara, a versatile Tuner monster that can shuffle banished, field, and graveyard Visas monsters into the deck to gain ATK. Veda Upanishad, a powerful DARK Warrior, can be Special Summoned by its own...

The Four Sons of Horus Descend! [AGOV] (ygorganization.com)

A new set of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards has been unveiled, introducing the Horus archetype. These cards include Horus no Eikou – Imsety, Horus no Shukufuku – Duamutef, Horus no Sendou – Hapy, and Horus no Kago – Qebehsenuef. Each of these LV8 monsters can be Special Summoned from the graveyard if you control the "Pharaonic...

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