Thousands gather in Iran in show of support for attack on Israel

  • Iran’s attack came in retaliation for an April 1 strike on the consular annexe of Iran’s embassy in Damascus and killed 7 Revolutionary Guards, 2 of them generals
  • The attack come against the backdrop of the Gaza war, which began with Hamas’s attack on Israel. Tehran backs Hamas but denies involvement in its attack on Israel ⠀

Thousands of Iranians took to the streets of Iran early on Sunday in a show of support for the unprecedented drone and missile attack under way against arch foe Israel.

“Death to Israel!” and “Death to America!” chanted demonstrators in Tehran’s Palestine Square shortly after the Revolutionary Guards announced the launch of Operation Honest Promise. ⠀

Iranian media described the attack on Israel as “complex” as it also involved Iranian allies in Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq.

“This attack did not come from Iran only, and this regime [Israel] is being punished from four directions,” the Tasnim news agency said. ⠀

A large crowd of demonstrators gathered outside the British embassy in Tehran.

Supporters of the retaliatory attack also demonstrated in Iran’s third-largest city Isfahan where Brigadier General Mohammad Reza Zahedi, one of the generals killed in the Damascus strike, is buried.

Demonstrators also gathered near the grave in the southern city of Kerman of prominent Guards commander Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in a 2020 US drone strike in Baghdad.

Tehran had earlier appealed to Washington to keep out of its conflict with Israel, but Iranian hopes were dashed after a Pentagon official confirmed that US forces were shooting down Israel-bound drones.

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fuck you israel, for dragging the whole world into your genocide


Israel will meet their god sooner rather than later

DarkGamer avatar

I ran is fucking around, let's see if they get to find out


Israel can’t keep getting away with it.

DarkGamer avatar

With defending themselves? I see you're on team Iran.


It was a embaressing shit show, almost no harm

PolandIsAStateOfMind, avatar

“It’s not true bombing if many civilians aren’t killed” - you

They send over 200 missiles and drones yet there were no massacre, unlike the attacks done by USA and Israel. I bet they didn’t even doubletapped the rescuers, again unlike US and Israel, what an “embarassing shit show”.


Oh, shoot!😃It was my first comment in lemmy and I didn’t realize the comunity is active, so I just left my thought there in comment, incomplete!

I am atually happy that nobody died and I would have been even happier if no attacks had taken place from Iran or Israeil on Iran. But it’s shitshow becuase all these conflicts are stupid, childish and shallow, like they want to prove that who has a bigger dick.


Almost like it was a calculated response to show force, but not to escalate things further.


Yeah, people have to remember that Iran not only announced a response but actually announced when they launched their drones that would take 9 hours to arrive so Israel has some time to prepare. This was show of force, probably for the domestic audience.


That’s sad.

Israel gets kills and they don’t.


Realistically Iran doesn't want a war right now. I think they're quite okay with not getting a kill. They made their statement without really forcing Israel's hand too much.

Although some warhawks are already masturbating to a fantasy of Israel retaliating.


Israel didn’t intercept 100%. A couple got through.


Still no kills, though.

Don’t even think they got any injuries.


Nobody cares about your morbid need to kill people in a limited show of force.


Lol, what?

FoxBJK, avatar

A 7-year old got seriously wounded by shrapnel, so yes they got an injury.


There’s 7 year olds on military bases? Or is that an Israeli “human shield” since the Israeli bases are literally in residential areas? (And according to Israel that makes them fair targets)


Such heroes!

potemkinhr, avatar

Who in their right mind celebrates kills on humans, in the end only regular people get harmed in any conflict, never the instigators from both sides


Have you seen people commenting on Russians getting killed?

I’m guessing you gave the same response to them, right?

I don’t want innocent people to die, but it’s sad seeing the muslim world get shafted so hard and be unable to fight back against their aggressors.

potemkinhr, avatar

How down-puttingly assuming of you to know me or my country who in its entire long history never invaded someone and was mostly a vassal for others. We gained independence after a bloody civil war which tore the country apart and saw its fair share of genocide, during which the whole world stood by the sidelines. No, muslims are not the only victims of this cruel world.

No, I generally don’t comment on politics exactly because it breeds polarizing comments like this, but this open call for death for any side is horrific from my point of view, who saw what it does to a nation. This outlook of complete eradication of the other side is what is preventing any possible long lasting peace, and truthfully if the people don’t recognize it there won’t be anybody left to see it. As it currently stands there will be no peace until one side completely displaces the other, which is not what I or the vast majority of the world want.


It’s not a video game




They did the same thing after the assassination of soleimani


For what it’s worth, it’s been reported that Iranian officials consider the attack “concluded”. They have said if Israel attacks again the next Iranian response will be considerably more severe, and have warned the US to keep out of this conflict. I guess we’ll have to see what each country does in the next little while.


Israel is talking about retaliating.

Basically it’s like they want to have the last word.


Bold predictions:

Israel will retaliate

The US will get (more) involved

Zuberi, avatar

Israel hopefully realizes how stupid it would be to overextend like that.

But I could definitely see them doing it to help out the American MIC

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