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🇺🇦🐕‍🦺 Meet Jorna, a German shepherd dog who serves with the border guards in Odesa region.
She is a mine detection specialist. The heroic sheepdog was also on the front line, and dozens of times warned our military against falling into occupiers' mine ambushes. Twice more, she found shells from the Second World War in Podil district of Odesa region.

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The last minute of rest before the combat departure! 🔥
We are glad to welcome all those who are in the third year of the war, supporting Ukraine every day! 💙✌
Let's keep in line and bring our victory closer together! 🫡🇺🇦


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@VitalisViVa good luck 🍀 best wishes to you and your comrades

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We're comfortably settled in, we can rest after a busy, fighting day!


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@VitalisViVa slava Ukraine !

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Good morning to readers, remains in hands.

Recent territorial gains have been made by upgrading 'dumb' bombs into precision weapons.

In April they launched 3,200.

With @RyanMcBeth, we do a deep dive into Russia's latest deadly tool: glide bombs.

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The Army of today is not the same army that blundered into Ukraine in February 2022. has proven its ability to learn and adapt to challenges.

After two years of war, one of those challenges is attacking on the cheap.

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VOWS 'BLOOD,' LAUNCHES MILITARY EXERCISES AROUND : In an unusual escalation in rhetoric, a foreign policy spokesperson said "Taiwan independence forces will be left with their heads broken and blood flowing after colliding against the great... trend of China achieving complete unification."

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Defender Oleksandr Lyashuk and cat Shaybik congratulate all the wonderful people who support Ukraine on Vyshyvanka Day! 💙💛

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So sits in with band playing "Rockin' in the Free World." Uh, yeah, that's great, but the song title belies the song's true meaning. Sort of like "Born in the USA," isn't a full-throated endorsement of American militarism.

This may not be as bad as using it in campaigns.

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🇺🇦 All of Odesa in one photo:

  • Ukrainian flags
  • Destroyed hotel
  • T-shirt
  • Down jacket
  • Shorts
  • New summer playground
  • Wedding
  • Coffee
  • Parking lot attendant
  • Scooters
  • Emergency balcony with flowers
    Explosions sound in the port, a flock of birds fly up, glass tinkles, at the next table there is a dialog: “Apparently a recon drone is being shot down, I'll have a shrimp Caesar please.”
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- woman, 98, walks six miles from occupied village to safety

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Good morning to readers; remains in hands.

There are moments in our lives that unexpectedly become pivotal.

Like when Alessandra learned there is no word for privacy in making her think about how each carries the different culture of its people...

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The words private or personal do exist in Russian, but the idea of privacy, a private, secretive realm each person has a right to, does not.

Alessandra realized that it wasn’t organic to Russian society, shaped by almost a century of communal living.

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A New York businessman has pleaded guilty after being caught trying to sell $250,000 of electronic components to #sanctioned Russian companies that are known to be producing weapons for the invasion of Ukraine.

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Throw him out a window.

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Can we just stop
one another

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A brave girl cuddles and consoles her Kasper during a missile attack by genocidal russians. She tells her cat, "Don't be afraid, I'll protect you."

Russians launch dozens of missiles, bombs and drones upon civilians every day, typically while they are sleeping but also during the day.
This genocidal terror kills thousands and takes a huge psychological toll.

When will the democratic world stop endless Russian horror?

A brave girl consoles her Kasper during a missile attack by genocidal russians. She tells her cat, "Don't be afraid, I'll protect you" The young girl holds and cuddles her cat.

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@skykiss 💔

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Some work of #Ukrainian defenders.

I wanted to add on my training, experiences over many years ... Ukrainian defenders are brave, tough and the best fighters on this planet. Truly inspirational. Worthy of our support.

#SlavaUkraini #StandWithUkraine

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In such moments, especially remember those who are no longer with us. Their feat and contribution can not be evaluated by any awards

Memory, honor, and glory to those on the shield.

From a #Ukrainian defender in combat for 791 days against the russian invaders.

Let us renew our commitment to our Ukrainian friends during this unimaginably difficult fight for their lives and freedom. 🇺🇦🫡

#ArmUkraine #StandWithUkraine #SlavaUkraini

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Today, I shared the news of unblocked Ukrainian aid to my dear friend, who is a special forces #Ukrainian defender. He has been in combat 790 days. The most hardened fighters in modern times have no idea how a person could do this.

Ukrainians don't a have a choice, they must fight the Russian genocidal Army. He has put down many hundreds of Russian invaders, possibly > thousand. Today, he said, "Thank you"

We should be thanking him & all Ukrainian defenders.

It should have never taken this long. This should have passed months ago.The need and urgency has been clear for a long time. House Republicans blocking aid, on the orders of Donald Trump, underminded our allies and empowered American adversaries.Their actions are inexcusable.

Ukraine has gone above and beyond to hold Putin back, and keep Europe and America from having to fight a wider war.They have been doing their job.

Americans, please urge swift passage in the Senate. #Ukraine can not afford to wait any longer.

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🫡 And as long as our proud flag is flying over the Ukrainian land, and as long as our AFU soldiers are rushing across its expanses, the enemy will never break the will of the people or the will of the army!
Glory to Ukraine! 🇺🇦
#UkrainianArmy #ukrainian #UkraineWar #UkraineRussiaWar #military #ukraine


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