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That’s seriously impressive! Did you swim all the way through the ocean with a single stamina wheel? Oder did you ride a raft?


So couldn’t make a raft (and it would have been impossible to go straight with a raft anyhow, I’ll explain in a bit) but found wood on the beach. I made a small wooden bridge, and left one piece of wood unattached. I then would grab the wooden plank, place it ahead in the water, go to it, move the bridge in the water ahead, then grab the plank again, and repeat. It was slow but reliable.

Now, the rest wouldn’t have been possible for two reasons:

I never used fusion, so even though I did find a Korok leaf and other useful materials for making gusts, couldn’t fuse them, and there was no sails either.

The other issue is my path went through a strong current. A raft would have been swept away. The way I got through it was placing the bridge as close as possible on y160, then just barely reaching could put the plank past the current, then. Speed swam and used a stamina dish I got from an NPC I “saved” earlier that was in my path (I just distracted the bokoblin while they slowly killed it, but that apparently counts as saving them lol) to make it back to my wooden raft, then grabbed my bridge and brought it over the current as well to keep going.

A good deal of this was much since I just went into this blind and did it for fun. I thought Lanyru Mountain would be more of a problem but the bokoblin camp had plenty of food I managed to steal and shield surfing let me move fast enough through it to not die while I recovered with food

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That must have taken ages, wow … I admire your dedication ♪

I just went into this blind

Those are the best challenges anyway. Half of the fun comes from encountering problems you didn’t expect, and coming up with a solution to conquer them. Always feels a lot more rewarding than just following a script ;)


Yeah, the bokoblin camp was definitely the funnest. I arrived at night when they were asleep, but then didn’t have enough time to get the bow, so I had link wait hidden behind some metal crates until it was night again to secretly roast the meat I got and get the bow.

The hardest part though was actually crossing the water gap between the camp and to Lanyru Mountain.

At first I wanted to do this with no runes, but just couldn’t find any good way to push the single tree I found in my path there to use as a makeshift raft, let alone get it up the rocks as well. And even then I only barely made it, because there was nothing else to stand on that floated, so I used some rocks I found and attached them all together and to the tree to make a pole that stuck out of the water and let me grab my tree one more time to put it far enough to get just enough stamina to make it.


What happened near where you died?


Ice Lizalfos. I died the most at the monster camp tho lol

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