Introduction (art by Naomi Skye)

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Original artist: Naomi Skye

I really like that Yona isn’t a jealous type. At this point it is canon that Link has been living rent-free in Sidons head for ages (Yona says so ingame) and I simply don’t think Sidon would have been able to live a happy life when the two most important (living) people in his life wouldn’t get along.


No offense to anybody and somewhat unrelated but I often find shippers very strange and hard to understand, at least from my view. Broadly speaking, they make big fuss out of this, they make big fuss out of that, and they of course (allegedly) made a big fuss over Yona. Why do people always assume that every single fictional character is the least rational and mentally stable person ever (maybe because those people engaging in “ship wars” are insane themselves?) and they would go nuts over even the smallest and most insignificant changes in the relations between characters. I just don’t get it. Same goes for those “shippers” themselves, especially if they actively wage “wars” on the internet over these subjects, which I think isn’t worth my time. I think I’m lacking some perspectives here.

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Shipping fictional characters in itself is completely fine with me. It can be nice to spin your own stories out of availiable canon material, and even nicer if future canon material also supports the ideas that have been spun, like in this case here. There is no harm in that. Fanfictions, artworks, tin foil hat theories, headcanon of any kind - 100% fine with me.

However, I fully agree about “ship wars” not being worth it in any way. It takes zero effort and no energy whatsoever to just chill and let people enjoy stuff they like even if it’s not your cup of tea, instead of going apesh*t aggressive when someone has a different view on things. Never understood the motivation behind this senseless hostility to make others miserable for no reason.

For example, I personally like the idea that there is no romantic interest whatsoever between Zelda and Link, and that they’re just very close friends that fully trust each other. The idea that those two have a crush on each other … nope. Don’t like it, won’t incorporate the idea into my own headcanon, ever. But that does not mean that I have the desire and/or right to tell others that they are somehow “wrong” for shipping those two. I’m completely okay with others thinking differently about this topic - To each their own ;)

That’s how it always should be IMHO. Just respect and acknowledge that not everyone likes the same stuff and don’t be a prick about it. (Which is the point that people engaging in “ship wars” grossly fail to understand for some reason)


I agree, not EVERY SINGLE FREAKING RELATION between EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER is a ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! (Apparently many people do in fact view every relationship as romantic, which is the main target of my complaint) I guess I just see them so much (and being somebody generally uninterested in that kind of stuff, I naturally became annoyed.

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