"And while we hate to have to pass these costs of doing business down to our customers it helps us to continue to provide you with the quality of service we’ve come to be known for."

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the quality of service we’ve come to be known for

you mean breaking my project files everytime premiere updates? Or the fact that the suite of design apps barely work in tandem? I just want to be able to easily design something in illustrator, do my typesetting in indesign and edit photos in photoshop for one document without trying to figure out how to save everything just for those files to break or display improperly.


That’s exactly the quality of service they are known for: Garbage.


I want them to get fined over how hard it is to keep creative cloud from running when I just want to look at a locally stored targa image.


„do not defend yourself, or I will hurt you even more!“ Adobe is the domestic abuse that went corporate

Ferk, (edited )
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The problem is that people apparently like the abuse.
Why is so many people simping for Adobe products? And even promoting them in the education levels...
Even if the competition were technologically inferior (which I don't know if it's really true) I'd rather the industry sacrificed throwing away 10+ years of adobe-driven improvements if we could get rid of the shackles.

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I run my freelance business using non-adobe products. Video editting in davinci resolve studio, and then the affinity suite for design.

But every job I've had in the industry is stuck in CC. I could start using affinity products, but then I wouldn't be able to share my work with colleagues or print suppliers etc. I'd love to say fuck you to adobe tho.


Oh no! /s

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