What is this even for? The convenience of not needing to carry a form of payment? The same article discusses app based payments using NFC as “dethroning cash”, and most people would likely have their phone with them even if they leave their wallet at home. Speeds up check-in time to several seconds instead of 20 seconds? Is that really forming a bottleneck at these restaurants? And what about simply preparing your phone for the QR code or whatnot before you get there? What about wearing masks or large sunglasses that obscure your face; surely removing those would increase the time closer to the eternity that is 20 seconds?


Talk about a privacy nightmare.


This wont stop until every place offers a colorectal payments.

“I’ll have a double cheeseburger.”

“10 dollarydoos, sir, with that be card, facial or fecal recognition?”

“VisaMC my bumhole, please.”

“Very well, bend over…” inserts Mr.Fisty5000

jawa21, avatar

This is terrifying to me. I’m annoyed enough that so much of my identity is already tied to the bank.


Our focus on biometrics as a secure way to verify identity, replacing the password with the person, is at the heart of our efforts in this area

Aren’t biometrics should be treated as usernames instead of passwords?

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