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r/sysadmin and the size of this community

So I have been a part of this community for a while and it seems pretty quiet. I know Lemmy is not as big as Reddit so this community will always be much smaller but I kind of miss the activity on r/sysadmin. Infinity for Reddit still works for view only so I have been scrolling though posts on Reddit as some of the stories and...

VMware security advisories are now non public (from Reddit)

The location of VMware Security Advisories (VMSAs) has changed on May 6, 2024. They are now available from the Broadcom Support Portal. The legacy VMSA URLs still work but are now redirected to the portal, for example:…/VMSA-2024-0002.html points to…/23681....

VMware may be getting rid of Skyline

I received the below message. It states Skyline Advisor Pro can’t be activated after 4/1. This doesn’t look good for the Skyline program. I’ve been using it for a long time and between log assist and the recommendations, i’ve found it very helpful. I have the Dell integration in place but I haven’t really used it much....

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