Do you roleplay differently in private?

I was just working on my current Ironsworn story at work, and I suddenly wondered about whether I considered it to be personal or private, or how I would feel if someone started watching over my shoulder. It made me think if I would roleplay differently if I knew someone else was watching or would read the story later.

How do you feel about your solo roleplays? Are they private, deeply personal stories or would you be happy showing them to other people?

ZDL, avatar

It depends very much on the characters and scenario. Sometimes I explore things I don’t want to share. Most times I’m just writing a story with dice.

spittingimage, (edited ) avatar

Nothing’s written down, but I’d be happy to show them off. My private RPs are low-stakes adventures with ridiculous characters. My current headgame is about a stupid goblin thief pursuing a cat for the jewel on its collar and accidentally crashing an engagement party. I call it “Snickers the Goblin spies a shiny”.


It kinda depends for me. I have some I wouldn’t mind, I think they were decent fun bits of fiction, but others… Some are just “This was fun, completely non-serious” that I’d really want to clean up into a more coherent narrative, and others have involved some deeper personal exploration.

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