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What if the only reason countries, like the U.S., agree to arm other countries when they are in conflict, is because international billionaires have placed bets on which country will win?

I mean, if the super wealthy are sitting back, in their mansions, when each of these conflicts erupts, and they start placing bets on which side wins, it might play a role in which side our government leaders choose to arm/support.

If they charge by the image, and there is any expectation that AI image-generators might produce garbage results, then AI providers are incentivized to make you pay for their experimentation

without you ever knowing about it, as well as (perhaps) swapping in a cheaper-to-operate model some percentage of the time, perhaps as request loads peak, hoping you’ll just roll the dice and try again.

The increasing distrust many Americans have in modern medical advances is probably mostly due to our failing Healthcare system.

It’s easy not to trust a system associated with charging you $500 for Tylenol. Much easier (and occasionally even safer) to just smell some lavender and hope that helps. Go to an ED and you could just die of a stroke or heart attack in the waiting room or even get run over by somebody who died of a heart attack while driving...

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