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Look upward, and share the wonders I've seen.

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Man I have rewatched that so many times. Ended to early


It really went off the deep end towards the end there though


Farscape definitely deserves a spot in the greatest sci-fi’s of all time.


Damn right. Pretty much my favourite show ever!

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I love this show so much! It seriously has is all and like no one knows about it. I’m about to make my boyfriend watch it actually.


It's definitely not lesser known, but my favorite is The Expanse.


Yes! It took a season before I was sold, but then it also became one of my favorites.


This would be mine too - it's the one series that I've actually been back and re-watched multiple times, and I've gone back to the books too.

In contrast to others comments I'm not sure I want any more seasons of it. I loved the current set but it feels like it ran its course and I'm not sure I need anything more.

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I would do unspeakable things for more stories set in the Expanse universe. The TV series should at least get another season or two in order to catch up to the last two books and I think it would be great if the authors/showrunners could explore some of the side plots more fully.

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I would do unspeakable things for more stories

Salazar, is that you?


I really liked the last two books. I thought I wouldn't care after the time jump but I was super wrong. I liked the show but I loved the books.


Agreed! I would absolutely love them to finish off the story. The show does such an incredible job of developing deep characters and a generally realistic world, I always try to recruit new fans when someone asks for a recommendation.

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It's happening! The story directly after the show and in between the 20+ year gap to the next book is now being told in the new comic book series. The Expanse: Dragon Tooth furthers the story of where we last left off. I'm planning to get the whole volume after all the issues release.

Also, if you haven't checked into it yet, The Expanse video game from Telltale is a prequel with Cara Gee returning to once again be the voice of Camina Drummer!

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Wait, didn't Telltale go out of business?


They did, but they're back. Probably not many of the same people, if any, so it remains to be seen if they've still got it, but the Expanse game looks awesome, and who can resist playing as Drummer? :)

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A lot of the people who left started another company making a Star Trek telltale style game.


I love Final Space :)


I like how it developed into something mature, but that initial premise of "quirkiness in space" irked me to no end.

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"Chookity pok" -Mooncake

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Space: Above & Beyond. I thought it had some interesting ideas that were never given a chance to be fully explored.
Babylon 5. It's probably up there as #5 in your top 4, tbh.
Planet of the Apes. 1970s movies and TV series.

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Space: Above and Beyond was well ahead of its time, one of my favourite of the raft of mid-90s sci-fi that followed the success of TNG and early X-Files.

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Space: Above & Beyond was also a classic network bait and switch where they were X-Wing pilots until the budget ran out, then they were the A-Team in space.

Yes, yes, something about "every Marine a rifleman" but still, teenage me was underwhelmed.


Planet of the Apes TV series is hilarious to me. It really feels like Coy & Vance Duke where sent to the Planet Of The Apes.

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Babylon 5. It's probably up there as #5 in your top 4, tbh.

For anyone considering watching it for the first time, I strongly recommend the Episode Guide. B5 came out in a unique time, where techy people were on usenet, but the wide internet wasn't a thing yet. The writer J. Michael Straczynski was on Usenet discussing the show and answering questions, and the episode guide integrates that, so you can read along after each episode for an idea of the questions that came up at the time and his answers, without spoilers.


Fringe is an excellent show. It begins really episodic, like old school Outer Limits and early X Files. But by third season you're knee deep in a mind-bending larger story arc that absolutely rocks. The finale stands as one of my top 3 series closers. It expertly closes out the show with deep character resolution. And the show as a whole doesn't fall prey to the Lost Mystery Deficit. Mysteries are resolved, and there's great callbacks in final season to the mysteries of season one and two.

Furthermore, the cast is excellent. Joshua Jackson. John Noble pulling off Walter White levels of excellent acting and character change (you'll recognize him as Denethor from Lord of the Rings), and heck, Leonard Nemoy is in it.

If you love sci-fi, you can't go wrong with Fringe.


I love how it starts out as a “monster of the week” show but if you pay attention there are clues to the overall story arc in the background.

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I have a real soft spot for Raised by Wolves. It's so weird in all the right ways.


Such a shame it was cancelled. I guess it was too weird for most people, but I loved it. It was playing with some interesting myths and metaphors.

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I really like Raised by Wolves, but I think it had a couple of things that actively helped it get cancelled.

  1. Mother was essentially an omnipotent suped up terminator in a post-apocalyptic world. She was too powerful from almost the beginning of the show. There was no room for an antagonist. They attempted to neuter her by hiding her power source, but they would have had to destroy the source to make it work. Also, she was obsessed with keeping that power, so she wouldn't give it up willingly.
  2. Both Mother and Father were supposed to be androids, but they both displayed emotional extremism in opposite directions of the spectrum. With growing anxiety over AI, I think the whole feeling robot schtick is going to be less popular for a while.

Gotta disagree with your assessment about AI and feeling robots being less popular. I think we're going to see a rise in those, only the AI/robot is going to definitely skew more 'evil'.

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You might be right about the skew, but I suppose we'll see. It's definitely not going to continue in the same vein.


If you count it as sci-fi, the HBO adaptation of "His Dark Materials" seems to have gotten basically zero attention in the US but was really quite excellent.

Also the original "The Prisoner." (the remake with Ian McKellen was meh)


Is His Dark Materials really science fiction?


I mean it's debatable - as with much SF - but if you go by Asimov's definition, "that branch of literature which deals with the reaction of human beings to changes in science and technology," I think it would have to qualify - heck, the opening chapter involves a researcher asking for money to find a scientific expedition, and discoveries concerning the nature of Dust drive an awful lot of the plot line.

And genre-marker-wise, it involves parallel universes and steampunk-y vehicles / machines / etc, and doesn't really have any of the traditional fantasy ones like elves and goblins and dragons and wizards, or really much of any reliance on "magic" that's not mediated through technology.

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It is definitely much better than the movie. I still haven't finished it, but it's a fun break from other interests from time-to-time.

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The hbo/bbc his dark materials was brilliant, so glad they finished all the book material. I think it was quite well received here in the uk


I’m gonna check this show out now! Thanks for the share


Definitely Farscape. A very weird but very good show. Ben Browder did a great job playing the lead role and it's a shame he hasn't done anything like it since.

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He did though, he was on Stargate until 2007! Also, he's 60 now, so I doubt he's taking on a lead role in a sci-fi as his same goofy self again.


Dagnabbit, never heard of it, but it’s free on Plex and highly rated on IMDB. Starting it right now


You're in for a great time! I know people say this about every show, but the start of season 1 can be hit-or-miss. Things really pick up near the end of the season so it's worth sticking until then.

Very glad I got to introduce someone to this show though, I hope you have fun with it.


I will go for the oddball answer. The Outer Limits. The originals and the later ones. The episodic short story format works very well for me.

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I loved the outer limits. I always get the older ones mixed up with twilight zone, but they were fantastic. The newer ones were great as well.


Same here. There is an element of horror/fantasy in there as well. I recently enjoyed Netflix's Black Mirror, which reminded me strongly of the Outer Limits style.

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Anthology series are seriously underrated. Remember the Ray Bradbury Theater?


We never got those on TV this side of the world, South Africa. I did read a lot of his short stories growing up though. Pulp paperbacks with cracked glue and cello tape where their backs used to be. Even the smell of those can feature directly in a Bradbury short.

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Spielberg had one I recall. Many of the episodes from that show turned into movies. Amazing Stories

Calcharger, (edited )
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You could try Sliders, but the 90s corniness might turn you off.

As a kid, I was obsessed with the nickelodeon remake ofThe Tomorrow People but it doesn't stand up very well

Then there's Dark City and Gattaca for some more late 90s sci fi that I feel was bigger back then but no one really references anymore, but I think they are worth a view.

City of Lost Children is super weird but you can't deny the aesthetic is unique.

Winner of best movie with stupidest climax goes to Sunshine

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And the sad thing is that Sunshine started out with a lot of potential, but holy shit did it not stick the landing


I cannot bring myself to watch sunshine, as the entire premise is dogshit. Exploding a nuke that small (compared to the sun) on the surface of the sun would do absolutely nothing.

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Even disregarding that, I didn't like the movie at all. Very overrated IMO.

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This is true- the premise isn’t scientifically sound in any way. But the movie isn’t really about that. It’s about the journey through space under the stress of this being earths last chance and also kind of eldritch horror. Plus probably my fav roll for Chris Evans. He does a great job being an unlikeable guy who is technically right so you can’t really be against him. I liked it lol.


But the entire premise not making any sense whatsoever, in a sci-fi film, completely takes me out of it and renders me unable to enjoy any of it.

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It’s explicitly not a nuke, if that helps.

You seem to have some bad info.


"A team of international astronauts is sent on a dangerous mission to reignite the dying Sun with a nuclear fission bomb in 2057"

You telling me every description of the movie I can find is wrong?

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Yes, apparently? The device is literally set off and there’s an entire speech about how the word bomb is a misnomer. But yes, person who hasn’t seen the movie, I’m sure you know better


You don't know what was in the nuke, whether it cascaded particles to origin by some unknown yech. Calling it a "nuke" saves the audience technical mumbo-jumbo whilst conveying accurate intent, in the same way that a "phone" probably refers to a mobile phone that can connect with several tech frameworks, instead of a landline dial toner.


I used to whisper "SLIDERS!" as loud as I can to my husband several times a month, so I made him watch it to know what I was talking about.

I realized that child-me made up that part of the intro, since they definitely don't shout-whisper sliders.
I stopped whispering sliders at him.

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Counterpoint, amazing spy thriller Sci-Fi.


Westworld season 1 is still one of the best seasons of science fiction television ever, in my opinion of course.


I didn't care for anything that came after personally, but season 1 was absolutely amazing.

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no love for 12 monkeys tv series? great series


I loved that show, so that's at least two of us 😁

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we are dozens, dozens of us!!! xD


I see what you did there 👏🏻😁

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I have tried on several different occasions to start this show, but can't get past the first 5-6 episodes. I don't know why.

DpwnShift, (edited )
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Galaxy Quest! I don't know if it counts since it's parody, but it's hilarious and well-made.

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One of my top 5 favourite movies.

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I always thought of it as a love letter to Star Trek fans


As someone who grew up in the 70s and 80s and was a HUGE TOS fan, I think they really nailed what that was like as we got older and understood more about the actors and their relationships with each other and their roles.

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By Grabthar's Hammer... what a savings.


The Expanse!

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