Women in the History of Science | Free book download (

Women in the History of Science brings together primary sources that highlight women’s involvement in scientific knowledge production around the world. Drawing on texts, images and objects, each primary source is accompanied by an explanatory text, questions to prompt discussion, and a bibliography to aid further research....

Why ecosystem collapses may occur much sooner than expected (

an ecosystem predicted to collapse in the 2090s owing to the creeping rise of a single source of stress, such as global temperatures, could, in a worst-case scenario, collapse in the 2030s once we factor in other issues like extreme rainfall, pollution, or a sudden spike in natural resource use....

Chemists develop sustainable method to remove 'forever chemicals' from water (

Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are highly versatile chemicals. These fluorine-containing organic molecules are the reason why rain drops simply slide off outdoor jackets. They are used in the greaseproof coating of paper food packaging and are key ingredients in fire-extinguisher foams and the protective gear worn by...

Researchers induce cancer cells to 'commit suicide' with a self-produced bacterial toxin (

For the first time in the world researchers at Tel Aviv University have encoded a toxin produced by bacteria into mRNA (messenger RNA) molecules and delivered these particles directly to cancer cells, causing the cells to produce the toxin—which eventually killed them with a success rate of 50%.

The Myth of Man the Hunter: Women’s contribution to the hunt across ethnographic contexts (

The sexual division of labor among human foraging populations has typically been recognized as involving males as hunters and females as gatherers. Recent archeological research has questioned this paradigm with evidence that females hunted (and went to war) throughout the Homo sapiens lineage, though many of these authors...

Improving soil could keep world within 1.5C heating target, research suggests (

Better farming techniques across the world could lead to storage of 31 gigatonnes of carbon dioxide a year, data shows. That amount is not far off the 32 gigatonnes gap between current planned emissions reduction globally per year and the amount of carbon that must be cut by 2030 to stay within 1.5C.

Muometric navigation system - GPS alternative that penetrates underground, indoors, and underwater (

While satellite-based global navigation systems have become essential tools in our daily lives, their effectiveness is often hampered by the fact that the signals cannot be accessed in underground, indoor, or underwater environments. Recently, a novel navigation system has been invented to address this issue by utilizing the...

Foundation of All Known Life: Webb Telescope Makes First Detection of Crucial Carbon Molecule (

Scientists have detected a new carbon compound, methyl cation, in space for the first time using NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. This compound, crucial in forming complex carbon-based molecules, was found in a young star system in the Orion Nebula. The discovery could enhance our understanding of life's potential development...

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