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#ShowerThoughts: An email app would be much more useful as a project management tool if I could give the emails a priority as they come in, on a reasonably granular scale, with the default being low. Then display them according to priority, with chronology as a second order sort. Bonus points for an ability to toggle back and forth between that mode, and more chronological modes.


@strypey I believe that Emacs Gnus has a facility for such granularity, probably as a consequence of its history wrt mailinglists. hth

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> I believe that Emacs Gnus has a facility for such granularity

I was vaguely reminded of a podcast episode @cwebber did on Org Mode in Emacs when I was tapping out that post. I do need to start spending more time on my laptop, and in my terminal.

Edit: it was a podcast episode not a blog piece, my concentration was clearly out to lunch when I made the post 😂

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As well as a pure chronological sort, there could be one where each day's emails are listed in order of the priority I gave them as they arrived. But the days are still in chronological order. The verse of the priority-based sort described above.

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