Some people hate those who see the world as it really is. The people who killed Jesus were just like that. The so called christians who are angry at this guy are just like the people who put Jesus up on that cross. The pathetic part is that they can’t see what they really are.


I wish more Trump Supporters were media literate so that these words might reach them.


I wish more Trump Supporters were media literate so that these words might reach them.


With the way I suddenly see people using the term “Media Literacy” everywhere, i start to wonder how “media literate” these people can be if they don’t know how obvious it is they learned that term last week.


Ha! Jokes on you, lib man, I caint reed.


Fuckin’ words n’ shit is socialism.


They allow you to share ideas, possibly without monetization! How is that not communism?!


Only word we both recognize there is communism! And that’s communism!

FiniteBanjo, (edited )

Yes, but casual insults aside I do actually wish they were more aware of the things happening around them. A lot of them go through the day to day life barely catching a glimpse of news from Cable TV, and they think themselves the “normal ones”.

UnderpantsWeevil, avatar

Went to a family friend’s pool party and one of the guests was a full MAGA chud. She bounced between singing Trump’s praises as this immaculate saint figure and slapping shoulders because he was such a big swinging dick who loved snatching the poon.

The Trump crowd doesn’t even strictly disagree with Ritchson. They’re just mad at the phrasing. If he’d made some cavalier remark about how Trump can fuck any woman in America if he feels like it and you should be honored when he grabs your pussy, they’d be singing his praises. If he’s joked about how Trump can pull the wool over every one of those idiot liberals’ eyes cause he’s just so wily, they’d cheer.

The words do reach them. They don’t care. They have their iconic superhero of a President. He’s living the life they want, sexual assault and financial dirty tricks and all.


I don’t think that’s entirely true. He’s got an online following that is an extremely vocal minority, but that hardly accounts for the full 74.2 Million people who voted for him in 2020. Maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle.


It might be true that the ones you meet online are very vocal, but there are a lot of people in person who will sing his praises, put flags on their car, their house, and everything else they can reach. They’ll deride any ‘liberal’ and come up with every straw man they can to lampoon for the amusement of the circle around them. I see them when I visit family, when I converse with people at the local park, and even in casual conversations in the workplace. They are everywhere, and it’s crazy how comfortable they feel with being open about their vitriol.


What I’m saying is if those people, an incredibly too large demographic who put up flags and crosses next to pictures of Trump, actually knew more about what is going on in the world and in politics other than a shallow biased conservative media outlook, they probably wouldn’t support Trump. Only a small fraction actually know what he’s done and still support him.

Studies support this theory with more educated individuals leaning democrat than republican, the trend continuing as level of education increases, and additionally studies also show democrat voters are more capable of discerning fake news from real news on a wide variety of topics. Another recent poll showed Texas conservatives were unaware that their political party’s abortion ban held absolutely no exceptions.

UnderpantsWeevil, avatar

Studies support this theory with more educated individuals leaning democrat than republican

That’s dubious. More people with college debt lean Democrat, but that’s largely thanks to age and population distribution. People with high incomes skew Republican, and plenty of them are in law or medicine or finance.

And even this tend isn’t reliable long term. The collapse of the Union movement combined with the right wing radio consolidation killed the blue collar Dem voter base. Hardly someone to brag about. Republicans were historically the intelligencia minority and took a hard right popular turn under Nixon/Reagan.

The Texas “liberal turn” has been confined to major metro areas and squelched by the same vote suppression tactics state officials employed in minority ghettos for decades. There’s very little reason to believe this state will turn blue any time soon.


Lmao wtf do you mean “collapse of the Union movement”? The railworkers got the paid sick leave they were striking for, UAW is making the GOP sweat and cry, the SCOTUS (compromised as they are) just made it easier for people to file discrimination suits when workers are forced to relocate or lose their job.

This is exactly the shit I’m talking about. More conservative mindsets like this are purely due to lack of awareness of events.

UnderpantsWeevil, avatar

The share of U.S. workers who belong to a union has fallen since 1983, when 20.1% of American workers were union members. In 2023, 10.0% of U.S. workers were in a union.

This, while the size of the US labor force doubled.


Only Trump can say those things about Trump

Suavevillain, avatar

He said no lies here.


Can’t believe he’d say that about Home Alone 2 star and friend of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump.


I wonder how many ultra conservative Reacher fans realize that the author is British. Probably very few, which is entertaining for the irony although doesn’t really matter much in general.


If right wingers can watch two seasons of Reacher and be fans until this moment then they’re just too dumb for life.

Literally both seasons baddies were stereotypical right wing criminals.


You don’t end up in the right wing thanks to your political awareness


or intelligence, or thoughtfullness


But the hero also engages in vigilante behavior in order to get the bad guys, and they’re all for that, so I can see the confusion.

Almost nothing Reacher does is laudable in real life, no more than Bauer in 24. It would be a poor morality play…if that’s what you thought it was.


You’ve never booted a bumper to set off an airbag?

How do you say hello?


Well, there’s a neighborhood handshake where I live. It starts with a knife and ends in the other person’s guts, so I guess there’s that. 🤷‍♂️


But they are so happy the show is “anti-woke” with its lead being a yoked-up hobo manly Mary Sue male fantasy.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy it for the light entertainment but I find it hilarious that conservatives get mad when a slender woman beats up a whole bunch of strong men but find it perfectly normal for a guy who never works out, eats exclusively fast food to have a bodybuilder’s body, be more or less unbeatable, get the ladies and know all the things he needs.


damn - you just connected some obvious dots for me. The reacher character is their gravy seals fantasy personified.


He’s the ultimate “lone wolf”/“alpha male”. Zero attachments, no daily grind, on the road, yoked, badass, solves all the cases, never afraid, no fucks given, plays by his own rules.

I find it highly entertaining but he’s as realistic as the Black Widow character from Marvel. Lee Childs was in talks to write James Bond books and when the deal fell through, he made his own ultra-macho superhero fantasy.

Ritchson should totally play the lead in a Wolfenstein adaptation. Have him smash Nazis and make closet-Nazi conservatives angry.

Dozzi92, avatar

Yes, of all the books of that ilk, Reacher just never resonated with me, and I feel like you may have helped me come to realize why. Jack Ryan (amongst others in Clancy books), Mitch Rapp, they all kind of gave a background on how the character got there, and even took time to show them training in some fashion. Jack Reacher just did.

They’re all smut for men though. And that’s okay.


Yes, simple fantasy/escapism is fine for entertainment. Speaking of Jack Ryan, the current TV series pretty much turned him into a Mary Sue character but very seriously and drily.

I do savor the irony of conservatives preaching Reacher as their “anti-woke” hero while crying when a fantasy features people not fitting their archetype doing the same things (notably women).


Ive read two reacher books and they’re fucking hysterical. I cant believe how god damned dumb they are (first one was a gift from a client and I felt obliged to read it. second my wife got me as a joke).

Two bad dudes, thick as oak trees squared up to me. Bad choice. One made a move to see if I’d flinch. I didn’t. His friend’s eyelid flickered just a tiny but when his fake-out plan failed. Fear. I span around and swept my leg through both of their legs. All four of their kneecaps exploded into red mist and sent pressure shockwaves up their vascular systems with enough force to blow their eyeballs out of their sockets. Four peach pit sized occular orbs with red ribbons arced across the parking lot. Your move. Checkmate. I went back inside the bar and finished my beer looking like I’d been airbrushed with crimson. The beer was warm.


Lol. Is that an actual quote? It is hilariously bad. Reminds me of the Remo pulp fiction series I used to read as a kid when there was nothing else to read. That was even more over the top, but by much less than I would’ve thought from watching the Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movie. Might have to read one just for shits and giggles.


its not, I was riffing, its not that exaggerated but its like that.

Its like: Two guys square up to me. Big mistake. I swing wide with a right hand hay maker and he crumples like wet newspaper. His friend steps back. Too late. I gave him his chance. My fist fire out and collapse his solar plexus. He’s gasping for air as I stand over him. “Whos’s paying Franly to follow me?”, I demand. etc etc


Too bad. I would’ve enjoyed reading your version of it. 😆


I’m surprised they didn’t realize he wasn’t right wing, when neither season baddie was a migrant caravan.

SpiceDealer, avatar

Their ilk aren’t receptive to subtlety. Everything has to spelled out for them like little children.


Alan Ritchson is quite likeable and I say that as an atheist. He’s one of the good ones :)


If Christians followed the teachings of Jesus then I don’t think we would have as many/ any problems with Christians.


We are supposed to be identifiable by our love according to the Bible, I’m having a real hard time identifying Christians recently.

melpomenesclevage, (edited )

see: things we have to say about evangelicals


things we have to say about quakers


Big thumbs up for Ritchson. I don’t know you, but, hey man, you are good!


Fuck yeah good guy Thad


Funny how you can get away with talking shit about the Right in Hollywood, but not the Left…imagine if he had said “I support Trump and Biden is a senile old man!” Lol…his career would be over.


It’s amazing republicans even show their true face in public with all the persecution they endure.

They should hide themselves better or people might identify them as conservatives.


And that’s the problem, they only get persecuted by the left and democrats, they don’t really care about those as long as their base are donating to them they don’t care.


Like me? LOL…I’m literally the only Republican/Conservative around here and I get crucified all the time for my opinions. You know good old Lemmy/Reddit…it’s one way, or the highway!

Theprogressivist, avatar

Did you ever stop and think maybe your opinions are shit?


If you’re the only one, could you please retire your other accounts? I don’t overly have a problem with you voicing your opinion, no matter how poorly thought out I may believe it to be, but I don’t need to see it from all these different accounts.


I only have this account.


Then I guess you aren’t alone.


Why do you use so many ellipses?


His brain is buffering.


Except Biden isn’t senile, and Trump is a rapist. So ya know, just try saying things that are true. It’s not that hard.


Typically, supporting senile old rapist con men is a worse look than supporting senile old men.


We know it’s not even that…it’s literally if you support anything conservative, you’re black listed.


The reason for that is because conservative values are shit and sane people don’t like being covered in shit.

Default_Defect, avatar

Maybe they should take a shot at not being the actual worst for once.


Assholes Upset Nobody Likes Them.

t_berium, avatar

That’s just because you guys seem totally nuts, not from this world OR super evil.

We in Europe have to decide which one it is, yet. But we can see your shit from way over here. It’s really not rocket science to see the GOP is a filthy bunch of individuals, that are out of real answers as soon as you scratch the surface.

‘Hurr durr, MAGA!’ - yeah, that’s all you understand, huh?

It would be pathetic, but actually you guys are dangerous for everyone on this planet.


You’re spending too much time on Reddit/Lemmy. That’s like me saying all Democrats are nuts because they want to take away your guns, allow all illegal immigrants to enter the country, and allow homeless people to live on the streets and take drugs. Republicans are not “totally nuts.” They just question things more, especially when it comes to financing wars. I love how Lemmy/Reddit is always okay with the US government intervening in world conflicts/politics, when THEY agree with it…

TheMonkeyLord, avatar

Not only is this comment stupid, but it isn’t even remotely true. There are tons of famous, powerful individuals in all stretches of the public sphere that actively support Trump and the Republican party.


In Hollywood or the Entertainment industry? I mean, yea, maybe a couple…but let’s be honest here, the vast majority align with the Left because it’s “better” for their career…many of them even lie just to get that liberal support.


I highly recommend you watch this. Hollywood isn’t nearly as leftist or liberal as you think.

Some very powerful and very successful people in Hollywood/the entertainment industry are pretty conservative. And the industry really likes to pay lip service to left or liberal causes without actually doing shit.


Or take a look at all the Disney villains saying things like “imperialism is bad” and “maybe take care of poor people” or “the system is inherently corrupt”


talking shit

Do you disagree Trump’s a rapist, because that was a court ruling, or do you just think that’s ok as long as no one talks about it?


Hold on, he’s also a spy.


He’s on point. Christians have attached themselves and their religion to one of the most depraved celebrities alived


By their own criteria, trump is the antichrist.


Nahhhh he’s white couldn’t be.

/s of course. Lol


The number of contradictions between conservative Christian nationalists and the parables/stories/teachings/fiction of Jesus Christ is humongous.


doesn’t that part say they’re gonna follow him tho? still just doing as the bible says to.


But that’s why they latch on to him. They WANT to kick off the rapture so they can all get to ride the escalator to heaven while looking down on the world and say “told ya so.”


Well, he’s not wrong.


He’s literally supported by court cases.


Not only is he not wrong, he’s right!


Some people don’t live in reality. Crazy how effective propoganda these days can be

mechoman444, (edited )

Right wing Reacher fan? Has he actually read the books?


It’s just the woke mind virus getting to everyone. You know, like that Rage Against the Machine band suddenly becoming all political.


got a very sharp nose exhale outta that one


“Suddenly” lol


Nobody tell them the Starship Troopers movie is a parody.

A bright red brick to the face is too subtle to some people.

dumbass, avatar

Those Maga people unironically dancing to killing in the name of is my favourite piece of real life comedy, up there with the curb your enthusiasm inspired press conference at a gardening company.


Wait. For real? These asshats were unironically listening to RATM and didn’t realize the songs were about them?


mosiacmango, (edited )

Paul ryan, the former conservative speaker of the house and VP canidate, told reporters that rage against the machine was his favorite workout music.

The lead singer guitarist of rage, Tom morello, replied “youre the machine we are raging about!”


Morello is the guitarist, Zack de la Rocha is the vocalist.


Good catch. Ill edit it.


I only read the first one. Isn’t Reacher just a swole ex-Marine turned PI?

Stern, avatar

I always thought he was a large man who existed to solve problems in the way only a very large man can, namely with large manliness and possibly physical violence, but I only really watched clips of the show so idk


The point is, Jack reacher is extremely anti-authority.

In one story while reacher was still in the military he outright murdered in cold blood his Superior officer because he was going to get away with a crime


I only read the first one. Isn’t Reacher just a swole ex-Marine turned PI?

Yes, but you have to look at whose nose he’s breaking. The typical villains in a Reacher novel are evil corporations or greedy tyrants. In “Gone Tomorrow”, the villains are the post-Patriot Act feds who represent a country where civil rights are a myth.

But the people on the right who love Reacher for his mighty masculinity are the same people who were shocked that Rage Against The Machine “went political”. I wonder how long it will take them to realise that Reacher usually kicks the butts of people they would like to vote for.


Of course not. The bible isnt for reading, its just for bludgeoning others with.


I wouldn’t be surprised if these are the same guys with punisher emblems on the back of their truck along with their blue lives matter flags…or for bonus points, a mashup of those 2 things


Read “Punisher: Max”. It’s gross and annoying that they identify with the character, but it’s not hypocritical as people often claim. Some versions of the Punisher do hate cops, but not the popular one most have read, If anything, that version was very similar to a murderous Reacher.

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