Michigan Republican candidate caught living in Florida

A Republican hoping to represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate suffered a setback to his campaign this week after facing allegations that he lives in Florida.

Former Congressman Mike Rogers, who has made much of his local roots in a bid to win over voters, faced backlash online after the staff of Democrat rival Elissa Slotkin released information on X, formerly Twitter, apparently proving he is still registered to vote in the Sunshine State.

The Republican Party hopes to retake the Senate on November 5 from the Democrats, who currently hold a slim majority. But polls released last month suggest that Democrats are leading the races in several states, including Michigan. One Emerson College Polling/The Hill survey of 1,000 voters found that 41 percent said they supported Slotkin while 39 percent said they would vote for Rogers.


A Republican hoping to represent Michigan in the U.S. Senate suffered a setback to his campaign this week after facing allegations that he lives in Florida.

Would that all candidates for public office suffered such setbacks if they were accused of living in Florida.


Just tryin to be closer to his god

@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

That’s two strikes against him.


If you’re from Michigan but living in Florida, you, sir, are a moron. I barely care about jurisdictional laws you’re breaking; your lack of judgement is already disqualifying. To be so close to Canada and choosing to spend time tucked beneath America’s ballsack is in very poor taste.


Looooots of Michiganders snowbird in Florida. To the point where a local credit union, Lake Michigan CU, has locations in two states: Michigan and southwest Florida.


I was being mostly facetious (I’m not originally from either place, but I lived in Florida for a while and live in Michigan now).

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Which Michigan Republican party though?


Looks at least like they have settled the migop.org vs. mi-gop.org debate! It’s neither!


pineapplelover, (edited )

MTG also doesn’t live in the state she represents


Further PROOF that DEMOCRATS are the Swamp and or Commiting VOTER FRAUD!




It is high comedy that Elissa Slotkin is breaking this news.
She moved from her family home to a different congressional district around May of 2022, to run in that district’s race.
A month after she was elected, she moved back to her family home.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be a muckraker, it’s just a funny coincidence.


retirement so convenient now


It’s okay. He plans on voting in both states.

BillDaCatt, (edited )

Rogers primary campaign ad was weird. He said he’s running for the US Senate but instead of talking about how he will work for Michigan, he complained about Joe Biden. So your intent is to obstruct rather than govern? How is that appealing to anyone?


First time seeing a Republican campaign ad?


A big Republican ideal is a small federal government. So if their candidates successfuly prevent the federal government from doing anything that’s a good thing for them.

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They claim government doesn't work, and if elected they will prove it!


Small federal government when it’s tax time, or other things they don’t like. They don’t mind a large federal government at all when it comes to enforcing the Bible or sending bombs to Israel.

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If only Republican voters were smart enough to care.


“I don’t care if he lives in Russia, he represents my racist, bigoted ideals, and by golly I’m voting for him!”

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"Meet your new senator Pladamir Vutin."


Dr Oz living in Jersey instead of Pennsylvania seemed to hurt him last time around.


Yes, but there’s some context, there.

NJ is next door, and there’s a definite bias against NJ in PA. I’ve seen it personally.

I can’t speak for what extra context there may be in this case, though.


New Jersey is OK. The people are monsters though. Driving on the jersey turnpike is like city traffic but at 70mph. If you want to change lanes, you can’t because the guy in the lane you want to enter is speeding past you to cut you off.

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In hindsight, its crazy that he might have been the lesser of two evils.


Nah. Fetterman is a typical Dem phony, Oz was a MAGA fuck head.

@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

Oz was a MAGA fuck head

Ah, I had him pegged as a more traditional William F. Buckley kind of conservative.


He got the nomination because of a DJT endorsement.

@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

DJT has routinely endorsed candidates who lost the nomination to more radical primary candidates.

The Alabama Senate Race in 2018 was a classic example. Trump endorsed two other candidates who ended up losing to Roy Moore, in a state that was staunchly pro-Trump. Then he endorsed Roy Moore, and Moore still lost to Doug Jones thanks to a depressed GOP turnout.

In Oz’s case, there were plenty of more-hard-right candidates in the 2022 GOP Primary running than this quack doctor inflation hawk who spun out of the Opera Cinematic Universe. Sean Parnell and Carla Sands, in particular.


At least it’s not Cancun

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