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Taitō Still Lifes (Part 2)

Taitō (台東区, Taitō-ku) is Tokyo’s smallest ward, yet it contains a lot of history, boasting major tourist magnets such as Asakusa's Sensō-ji Temple, Ueno Park, or the Ameyoko street market. But walk on any of its side streets, and you will discover homely and surprisingly quiet neighborhoods with quirky and photogenic details.

#photography #streetphotography #shotoniphone #tokyo #japan #taito #japanlife #tokyolife #fotografie #photographersofmastodon #tokyostreet

Details and textures at the entrance of an old house in the Taito Ward of Tokyo.
Many umbrellas, and more beer crates, outside a building in the Taito Ward of Tokyo.
Façade of a rather weathered building in the Taito Ward of Tokyo.

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