Tanks of Freedom II Version 0.6.0 is out

Version 0.6.0 of the game is now available! Another round of quality improvements for players to enjoy!

Major ones include:

Updated Godot Engine to 4.2
Added Online multiplayer via relay server
    Added options to configure custom address for online servers
LAN multiplayer can now have AI players
Settings are now available during gameplay
    Some settings that required map load to apply now apply instantly

Minor ones:

Added screen edge camera pan
Added camera drag with righ mouse button
    Camera mouse drag tweaks to match it better to cursor movement
Added new hover menu for mouse controls
    end turn button
    show unit stats button
    open unit skills button
    open building button
Added ending turn speed option in Settings
Added end turn confirmation when player made no moves
Added 90 FPS option for Deck OLED
Radial menu now closes when clicked away
Added new tiles to editor

And some bugfixes:

Fixed missing option descriptions in Settings
Fixed a bug that would lock out custom maps in Skirmish mode after a map in multiplayer mode has been picked
Fixed a bug preventing units from being unbanned in buildings
Fixed a camera mouse drag bug when closing unit stats popup by clikcing the button
Fixed an AI camera bug that would sometimes cause it to fail to show actions
Attempted fix for units getting visually misaligned when moved

This update represents a big chunk of work that was left since the last update. With luck, one more and we should be ready for final release!

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