Following the winter tradition, the Naev DevTeam is proud to announce the release of version 0.11.0.

This is again quite a large release that has rewritten and reworked large parts of the engine and long-established mechanics to be more flexible, faster, and efficient. Many long-term players will notice that many things they had gotten used to have been changed, starting from the Naev universe itself. We would like to thank all the contributors who have participated and helped in the making of this release.
Most notable changes:

Reworked universe map to fit existing lore
House Sirius completely reworked
Improved autonav that uses lanes and is configurable
Reworked structural outfits and number of ship slots
Weapon sets are more simple with no distinction between weapons and non-weapons
Possible to legally obtain all "standard" factional ships and outfits
Point defense weapons that automatically fire at fighters and missiles
A lot more content
Significant engine speed-ups

Full Changelog

Gameplay Changes
    Universe significantly overworked to be more consistent with lore
        More landable uninhabited spobs, unique locations, and things to discover
        Reviewed and corrected many descriptions and placement of spobs and systems
        More in-depth and fleshed out tag system for locations
    Ship slots and mass limits reworked such that smaller ships get more utility/structural slots to work with
    Point defense systems that can shoot down missiles and torpedoes
    Space object (planets, stations, etc.) properties affect quantity of missions available
    Moved many missions and events to the vn system
    Can sometimes find POI events with a pulse scanner equipped when entering systems
    Changed the visuals for some of the nebulas (PSO, Mizar)
    Pirate bribes cost more depending on your fleet and are based on points not mass
    Missions are introduced less all at once to the player
    Blink drives are more flexible but use energy and generate heat
    Razor class weapons have been completely reworked
    Can steal more than one outfit from a ship with high boarding bonus
    Differentiated more significantly the energy / kinetic / plasma weapon types
    diy-nerds: improved reward
Quality of Life
    Significantly improved autonav
        Configurable and can use lanes
        More efficient at reaching target locations
        New option like follow pilots through jumps or brake when going to positions
    Make it explicit when all the escorts have jumped or landed
    Escorts will keep their same loadout until the game restarts
    Player ship is no longer translucent when in stealth as it is redundant with the stealth icon
    Show enemy/ally factions in the faction standing info window
    Space dust is properly anti-aliased
    Minor speed ups to patrol lane computations
    Try to enforce minimum number of articles in the news
    Independent patrol and bounty missions can be completed on more planets and stations
    Can hide or prioritize missions from the info menu
    Manual aiming model aims at the mouse location when the mouse is visible
    Travelling merchant tells you when new wares are available and should be easier to find
    Lua Love API should be better at handling input and not apply keys held before started
    Increase time compression when disabled
    Inverted how hide, evasion, and stealth value percent bonuses work. Now lower is better
    Hide locked slots without outfits as the player can't do anything with them
    Added volley mode to weapon sets that makes weapons fire as fast as possible, instead of staggered
    Autonav options are now player-specific and accessible via the info menu settings button
    Travelling merchant gives full details of the intrinsic outfits they provide
    Selected slots in the equipment window will only show outfits that fit
    Autonav routes consider distance travelled in-system
    Made stress more visible in the slim GUI
    Reworked how stats are displayed to be more visible and intuitive
    Can show all known outfits or ships in with the map find functionality
    Weapon sets much more flexible, verbose, and easy to use
    Weapon sets remember slots, not outfits
    Route is visible on all map modes now
    Blink and flicker drives can use double tap arrow keys to move around
    Toolkit is cached in a framebuffer for much faster rendering
    Intrinsic outfit details now visible from the equipment menu
    Visually indicate which pilots are scanning the player on the overlay and radars
    Can sell all outfits on any spob with an outfitter
    Enemies in patrol missions should not run away
    Changed the faction standing caps to allow the player to get all ships when maxed out. Will be decreased in the future as missions are added
    Slot icons to make it more clear what special slots a ship has
    System markers and autonav TARGET marker will try to not overlap with jumps and spob names
    Slim GUI uses primary/secondary colours like the info menu
    Slim GUI now shows activated outfits and all weapons all the time
    Added short names to some outfits such that they are easier to distinguish in the GUI
New Content
    New mechanic for House Sirius called flow to unlock psychic powers
        Gives passive bonuses to Sirius ships
        Outfits allow use on non-Sirius ships
    8 new missions
        Finish the Minerva campaign
        Nebula refugees
    24 new events
        Abandoned stations with secrets
        Greedy pirates looking for domination
        Challenges of the mind
        Mysterious signals
        More points of interest
    67 new star systems with 123 new space objects
        More interesting and unusal locations
        Many new unique graphics
    37 new outfits
        Sirius flow outfits
        Completely reworked Sirius weapons too
        Point defense systems
        New accessories
        Intrinsic outfits
        and more!
    Many new outfit graphics
    New NPC graphics
    More NPC and news messages
    Added the Space Trader Society faction
    Custom death animations for many ships
    More ways to increase fleet capacity
    The pirate clans are now more differentiated in terms of AI behaviour and taunts
    More factional landing messages
    Rehabilitation missions have been made more factional and a new rehabilitation mission for the FLF is now available
    Map system viewer is more compact
    Added hook.hail_spob
    Events support tags
    Editor supports tags
    Library to handle conditionals for mission computer missions
    Added support for disabling specific patrol lanes from being generated
    Support for Lua scripting for ships
    Changed api of evt.claim and misn.claim
    Missions/events load Lua as chunks instead of compiling each time
    Significant speed-ups in collision detection with quadtrees
    Hooks "outfit_buy", "outfit_sell", "ship_sell", and "ship_swap" pass Lua objects instead of strings
    Ships can have extra descriptions that show up on mouse over
    More Lua API added such as pilot.armour, pilot.shield, or naev.missionList
    Soromid NPCs can have custom descriptions based on genetics
    Improved VN API with vn.move, vn.musicVolume, etc.
    Improved VN handling of non-ascii fonts
    Support for generating munitions from outfits
    Improved derelict script to handle custom derelicts better
    Removed some custom environment and string handling functions for standard SDL ones (requires 2.0.18 now)
    Better handling of user locales
    Weaker effects shouldn't overwrite stronger ones anymore
    Spobs can use communication graphics
    Require OpenGL 3.2 for geometry shaders now
    Support for advanced collisions such as weapon on weapon, allowing for point defense weapons
    Renamed thrust to accel for more consistency and simplifications
    Support for buying intrinsic outfits
    Ship distress moved to the message framework
    Outfits have support for double tapping accel/left/right triggers
    Removed toolkit fading effects
    Support for rendering images as SDFs
    Significant loading time speed-up with multithreading
    Main menu more responsive when changing windows
    Typo and wording fixes
    Fixed many corner case crashes in the editor
    Fixed cargo missions not being generated in some parts of the universe
    Game no longer crashes when loading save with persisted Lua pointing to nonexistent systems/spobs
    Minor improvements to many existing missions
    Fixed crash when events trigger other events on creation
    Fixed autonav sometimes having trouble landing with reverse thrusters
    Qex races should be much less laggy now
    Fixed some outfits using the wrong store images
    Fixed system viewer not being consistent with map
    Player's escort damage is counted towards players damage
    Avoid having missions duplicates for cases where they can significantly stack such as patrol missions
    Fire rate and action speed should affect damage and disable of beam weapons
    Fixed some outfits not having "Activated Outfit" in their description
    Fixed ships offering 100 fuel refuels twice
    Fixed some ships having trouble equipping because of stacking engine reroutes and such
    Improved AI's scanning behaviour to be more robust to stealth pulsing
    Fixed POI generating in extremely volatile systems
    Fixed tutorial running during cinematics
    Fixed active outfits not showing "activated outfit" in their summary sometimes
    FLF no longer become true allies of the Dreamer Clan to not limit the players actions
    Made audio system more robust to running out of source errors
    AI should be less prone to jump before their leader
    AI will turn off weapons ionizer when going for a kill
    Hardened physics engine a bit to overflow that happens in 49 days of straight game time
    Don't allow giving the player names that can't be saved
    Allied factions won't help out the player against neutral targets
    Fixed pilot.setSpeedLimit not working
    Show tracking icons for non-turret bolt weapons too
    Have ships be a little less spammy distressing
    Gave unicorp storm launchers a rarity of 2 and made it more available
    Fixed resizing not working on the background and toolkit in some cases
    Turn off all weapon sets when entering stealth or changing type
    Map's discovery mode shows system features
    Fixed rare hard crash when beams are being fired
    Fixed crash when change tab triggers a takeoff
    Buffed Scanning Combat AI to have an additional +15% tracking
    Buffed weapon ionizer to only -50% damage from -70% damage
    Soromid Arx now has one non-exclusive heavy non-bio slot
    Can only start to afterburn with enough energy for 0.5 seconds of afterburning
    Consider beam width when computing collisions
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