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Nations are perhaps the best example of “do as I say, not as I do.” The ethics you and I live our lives by have no place in international politics.


Why would US give Hamas more reasons to use hospitals as military bases?

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There are no more hospitals in Gaza (because Israel destroyed every single one). And they have yet to show any evidence of Hamas using the hospitals as military bases.


It might have actually encouraged the use of hospital resources for millitary aims, because now that the hospitals can’t use them, it’s come out that Hamas is moving the hostages in commandeered ambulances.

Israel literally incentivized and made more possible the war crime they claimed they were trying to punish Hamas for committing in the first place.

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Why would we stop them from attacking the hospitals that Hamas is using as bases? We're not going to bind the hands of our allies when they are defending themselves.

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In addition to the other answers you’ve received, it appears there was a period of sever al hours between the drone launches and them arriving at Israel. There are probably seconds between launch and impact on Gaza

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Minutes, not seconds. I used to be a counter ballistics radar operator. You can track a mortar, rocket, or artillery round in about 20 seconds from launch. It takes about a minute to send rounds back to the source. About 30 seconds to a minute after that the initial rounds will land. A minute after that the counter battery will land and destroy anything at the launch site.

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There’s two answers that are both legitimate.

The first is that we don’t have any sort of defensive weapons between Israel and Gaza. To intercept missiles/bombs/whatever

Stuff like the Phalanx and RIM-116 at sea; or C-RAM (technically it’s the “land based phalanx system”…. But there are some critical difference in radar and the munitions it uses.

The second answer is that the US navy hasn’t been ordered to. They haven’t been ordered to because their civilian leadership is 100% okay with Israel bombing the fuck out of Gaza. Yes, that includes Biden.


I think you know exactly why.


The US needs an extreme clean up in the government. Unfortunately, it's going to be harder to do every election that it doesn't happen


The wrong assumption you’re making is that Israel is blowing up hospitals.

You’re probably thinking about the blast in Al-Ahli Hospital in October, that was ruled by both the US and most news agencies as a failed Islamic Jihad launch.

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You’re right about that specific hospital, but it’s not the only one that was involved in the conflict.

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Two volunteer doctors working with Doctors Without Borders were killed by a direct hit from an Israeli airstrike on Al Awda hospital back in November, so that’s at least one example.…/msf-doctors-killed-strike-al-awda-hospit…

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Nope. Israel is targeting hospitals

They really don’t care

The justification is that there targeting Hamas and that Hamas is using every hospital, school, mosque and other typical safe-haven as bases of operations.

(Boy does Hamas have a lot of bases!)


Politics. US is ally with Israel but notxwith Iran, US isn’t the world police but a country defending their interests which includes their allies.

I somehow hope, that this slow drone attack is also some political theatre like, we shoot some drones to protest our embassy bombing, but we won’t go further

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US politicians are unfortunate hostages to their bigger sponsors / financiers. Most of the players on both sides of the US political spectrum have been funded by israeli or pro-israeli contributors. We call Israel an ally, and that’s a nice coat of shiny paint to hide the Stockholm syndrome.

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What you're (as you say) missing, is that drones flying long distances can be shot down--but no, not (as you say) instantly. Because they take a long time to travel so far to reach their targets, it's possible to intercept them (but even then maybe not all of them). How would we stop bombs dropped or missiles fired from planes that take mere seconds to reach their targets? Not possible.


Alliances like NATO or the EU come with non-aggression stipulations. You can’t engage in warfare with an ally. If that ally happens to be bombing their own people, that would only allow for intervention if it was written into the accords signed by the nations in the alliance (hint: it’s not).

Now, if Israel started bombing Italy, for example, that would not only allow for an intervention; it would require one.

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Oh ho ho, you innocent child you. Sit down and allow me to tell you a story. It starts many decades ago and involves a Prince, some angry free thinkers, JFK, Anna Nicole Smith, and a smaaaaall aubergine 🍆.


They’re not powerless, but unwilling to use their power against an ally.


Well, for one, the Iranian attack was a missile attack that could be taken down by anti air missile.

Two, USA isn’t exactly irans ally


You get hours to plot trajectories and line up a shot on an incoming missile or drone from those rsnges.

For a bomb dropped from an aircraft theres 15 - 30 seconds from release to impact.

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You get hours to plot trajectories and line up a shot on an incoming missile or drone from those rsnges.

Is that because Iran, Iran so far away?

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They smell like they sound

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    It’s a line from Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran, which is what the above guy was referencing with “Iran so far away”

    Not racist lol, just an 80s band joke

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    "appearance of impropriety" and that, though I'd point out "too close to hide" would be both more pertainant a reference to Hungry Like The Wolf lyrics in a discussion about dodging missiles/drones and more difficult to read as an out-the-blue bigoted comment about Iranians.

    I wasn't sure what you were going for as, as "the above guy" I am quite confident in asserting I Ran is a reference to a song by aFIockOfSeagulls so I wouldn't think non-sequitus reference to something or someone smelling would be lyrics to a different band's song. Especially when nothing about missiles (to my knowledge) smells anything like missiles or drones sound...

    They aren't even the same genre. Duran Duran is post-punk–influenced pop-rock and aFlockOfSeagulls are firmly New Wave.

    swab148, avatar

    Got my bands wrong ☠️

    I get deeply lost on musical genres that sound too similar.

    Either way, not my best comedic attempt for sure, but I own my mistakes so I won’t delete it.

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