You know, after I’ve testified to the malpractice of the business I gave the better part of my life to. The first thing I’d like to do is shoot myself in my truck in a hotel parking lot.

Jesus fucking christ. How terribly overt.

Whistleblowers have tremdous balls. Really hope this is properly investigated, but know how epstein shit went.


Karen Silkwood, Michael Hastings…

Arghblarg, avatar

I know this might sound naive, buy why don’t more whistleblowers get “all their ducks in a row” before coming out by recording absolutely everything and mailing it out in triplicate to random (or carefully chosen) third parties with some sort pf deadman switch? And announcing they’ve done so only after it’s all in place? If one knows one’s life might be at risk, make sure the bastards are exposed, no matter what happens.

rhythmisaprancer avatar

From what I have read, this person has been blowing the whistle for multiple years. Something changed, recently. Not good. Not cool. It is sad.

HeartyBeast avatar

How would that have prevented him killing hinsekf, which is what appears to have happened here.

Having been involved in some very minor whistleblowing it can be incredibly stressful and depressing


Sure, with two gunshots to the back of the head?

HeartyBeast avatar

Do you know something, or are you just making stuff up?


For legal reasons I cannot answer

HeartyBeast avatar

Yeh, that’s what I thought

magnetosphere, avatar

This does not surprise me at all. What will surprise me is if any arrests are made.

HarkMahlberg avatar

Here I was naively thinking Michael Clayton was fiction.

rhythmisaprancer avatar

Also a relevant book by Michael Crichton

Aussiemandeus, avatar

Two self inflicted shots to the back of the head you say

ClopClopMcFuckwad, avatar

Oh, he got the Epstine treatment, shame good honest people fall victim to capitalist goons.


As always, died of “self-inflicted” wounds.


…well that’s kinda fuckin convenient, considering all the scrutiny Boeing’s been under lately…

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