Finkler, avatar

Oppenheimer then go to pub ;)


I think if you watch Barbie first it will take away for Oppenheimer. Longer movie would always go first IMO but especially in this case


What’s the deal with these two movies? How are they related?

Catch42 avatar

They aren’t related other than being released on the same day. They are tonal opposites so people are having fun combining them as an unusual double feature.

Admittedly, I’m going to watch one on saturday and the other on sunday because I don’t really want to spend 5 hours at the theater in one day.


Thanks! I’m hoping my wife doesn’t make me see Barbie with her.


How annoying.

ratboy, avatar

I haven’t seen Barbie (yet) but I’d probably want to see it second anyway, as a palate cleanser.

c64, (edited )

I second that. Oppenheimer really is a downer (good though) so watching that after barbie might ruin your evening a bit :)


“I survived the Barbie-Oppenheimer double bill and I don’t recommend it”

“It’s such a tonal handbrake turn that you’ll end up with whiplash, even when Barbie reveals its slightly darker true intentions after about 20 minutes”

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