Hey, that was a great meme


Sounds about right. I reposted an old meme about a KFC family bucket and ended up with an inbox full of screeees about animal abuse.

At the same time, it’s a joke you posted and a bunch of people got butthurt about it. They’re within their own rights to express themselves about something they don’t agree with, but you are also within your own right to post what you want, within reason (I believe hate speech is out of bounds on Lemmy, but I’m not sure what else is).

If the timing didn’t work out, don’t regret it. Adapt. Post when hopefully the same people that you jive with will get the joke. Then it might blow over later. If you post it in the memes community, it shouldn’t turn into a big deal. We do this for laughs and for fun.


It’s funny because I didn’t see it as commies losing, I saw it as two idiots fighting while the better ones watch… Because I’ve only seen don’t treat on me crowd be hillbilly trash. Maybe it’s just my area.

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I meant it to be all the groups brawling each other, but realized too late it kinda looked like everyone cheering on the beating.


What have I missed? Can you please explain it? (Or maybe someone else)

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Things on the internet may live forever, but people have short memories. Just post a few more funny memes like this one, and it’s all good.


Fuck tankies, go to Russia and get drafted if you desire putins dick so much

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You poke the hornet's nest, you best be prepared to get swarmed.

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Them bees have hands

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“Tankies” need to articulate themselves better, and stop fighting in the mud with the propagandized.


“Tankies” need to go fuck themselves


I think they articulate themselves just fine. They're here to roll around in the mud, not to make things better.


Don’t worry, I suspect they’ll articulate themselves better as the CCP and Kremlin LLM algorithms improve.


Bruh, I know that feeling

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