Micro Four Thirds

Go Wide! A look at four top ultra-wide primes for Micro Four Thirds (www.dpreview.com)

For a while, it was actually not easy to get ultrawide rectilinear primes for Micro Four Thirds, but in the last 5-6 years or so, the Chinese lens makers have started adding a lot of options, lead by Laowa. Last year Panasonic finally released the 9mm f/1.7, a lens I've been calling out for a long time....

LUMIX 全新机型即将上线 敬请期待_哔哩哔哩_bilibili (G9 Mark II announcement?) (www.bilibili.com)

Bilibili is basically China's YouTube, and it seems Panasonic China has an announcement on 12th September. It's likely to be a m4/3 camera (the letter G and m4/3 mount is shown), and with the flashing words "New Phase" shown it's likely to be a new m4/3 camera with phase detect AF. Will it be the G9 Mark II?...

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