You have to provide the user, group and file name as the next three guesses, just trust me!

craigers, avatar

Hahaha I also tried this for the wordle today. Glad it’s not just me.


It was a difficult wordle - I wouldn’t have figured it our without my gf.

Spoiler: It is

Tap for spoilerCumin

ad_on_is, avatar

yeah it was indeed difficult to guess

observantTrapezium, avatar

I also always start with “crane” 😁

ad_on_is, avatar

crane and slipt… I even call it the crane-game 😂


How about cmake?

ad_on_is, avatar

where’s the “N”?


Idk how this thingy on the screenshot works 🤷

ad_on_is, avatar

oh… it’s a game where every day there’s a 5 letter word you have to guess.

you start with a random word and it shows you if the letters are in its corect place (green), wrong place (yellow) or they don’t occur at all (gray).

then you keep on guessing until you find the word or reach the limit.


Hmm, seems like it’d be interesting to automate :D


Lemmy has many places to Wordle.


Do y’all ponounce it as one word? Heard someone once say “c-h-own” and I was confused.


I do, but regarding pronunciations it’s S-A-T-A not Saytuh and I’ll die on that hill.

FQQD, avatar

yes, you will. although i tend to use the german pronunciation, “Sahtah”.


That’d be “Zahtah”


Ah yes I also call it “Sahtah”. Australian


I must have heard "saata" somewhere because that's my head-pronunciation, and it doesn't match how I say data (dayta). Not sure I've ever said it out loud.

Could be an "avoiding saying anything like 'Satan'" kind of thing, not because of religion, but more to avoid lame jokes.


well “saata” is closer to the pronounciation of satan in finnish, “saatana”. Was it Linus you’ve heard?


Ha. No, I don't think it was Linus, but it might have been someone else European. Really hard to be sure at this point. SATA has been around for a while.

And I've unearthed a memory of the other, other pronunciation that I know I've heard: "serial ay-tee-ay". Why make it an acronym when you can say one of the words and then the initials of the others!


I pronounce it in swedish so that its just Satan without the -n.


Those are both wrong. It’s Sat-uh.


Ooh, can we start the SCSI thing again?

FQQD, avatar

Scuzzy! :D


I do, I tend to pronounce it rhyming with “clown”


So an /oun/ instead of an /ōn/? I hate it! :-D


Yeah the instant I wrote it I knew I’d get some comments lol. I know it’s “ch” + “own” but somewhere along the way my brain started pronouncing it rhyming with “clown” rather than “own” lol :p


Like “see-age-own”? I’d pronounce it “ch-(like in change)-own”.


Yeah. Then I think we are doing the same thing.

TimeSquirrel avatar

I say it like "pwn". As in, if I'm sitting here chown-ing your shit, you're pretty much pwned.

BlueKey, avatar

I'm in the "c-h-own" team.


I do, but that’s mostly because an old boss of mine did it, thought it was hilarious, and now I do too, because of the in joke

Chown, rhymes with bone.


I deconstruct all commands when used in spoken word, so I pronounce it “change ownership”. I also call ls, “list“ and cd “change directory”. For some reason this completely confuses and disorients everyone in the room.

meekah, avatar

I’d say change owner, but I’m with you otherwise. Although I do sometimes say change folder, old habits die hard.


Do you then read ‘dd’ as ‘disk destoyer’ to send chills down people’s spines?


change own’uh

But chroot is schrude!


Yes definitely as one word like ch as in change then own, same with chroot.


I just realized I have never said this word out loud, but in my mind it sounds like “shown”


c and h in my own language (hungarian) and own in english

sounds something like

pots-café-h-father-own (random words to illustrate the way the letters are pronounced)

FQQD, avatar

that’s surprisingly similarly to the german pronunciation of ch.


As far as I know most of our letters are the same.

GregorTacTac, avatar

Did it work?

ad_on_is, avatar



Bastards. You should create an issue or something

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