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"Honeykrisp" Is A New Vulkan Driver For Apple M1 On Linux - Derived From The NVK Driver (

Moving forward the plan is to implement more features needed for DXVK and VKD3D-Proton. Eventually the hope is to get to the point of being able to enjoy nice Windows games on Apple Silicon using Wine / Steam Play and an x86 emulator.

Trying to Download Fallout New Vegas on Lutris but getting an error code. I feel like I need to manually select 32 Bit download but Ihave no idea, (

I downloaded Fallout 3 through and as soon as I figured what the hell I was doing, I got it downloaded and playing great. I’m on a Chromebook Plus with an i5 and Iris Xe graphics. When I go to download NV, it prompts me to a message that tells me Wine is preparing a 64 Bit download . Shouldn’t it be 32 Bit?...

Intel revealed more Lunar Lake processor details with their new Xe2 graphics (

From what details Intel provided they’re claiming “60%” better battery life for these mobile processors in “real-life usages”. Impressive if true, but just as exciting is the huge advancement of the graphics side with Xe2 which they claim will bring improved “gaming and graphics performance by 1.5x over the previous...

**SOLVED** Is there anyone here fluent in Lutris who can help me decipher this install script?

I got Star Wars Episode I Racer from GOG on a sale for dirt cheap back around May 4th. I’ve been trying to get it working via Heroic ever since, particularly the multiplayer, which is fixed via mods. The Lutris script definitely does all of this super easy, but not only would I like to have it working via Heroic for the...

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