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Predatory forcing of circular dependency?

I think —DOCKER— is doing this. I installed based, and userspace(7)-pilled liblxc and libvirt and then this asshole inserted a dependency when I tried to install from their Debian package with sudo dpkg -i. One of them was qemu-system, the other was docker-cli because they were forcing me to use Docker-Desktop, which I would...

[Ann] v0.1.2 of rook, a keepass-backed secret service (

Rook is a lightweight, stand-alone, headless secret service tool backed by a Keepass v2 database. It provides client and server modes in a single executable, built from a reasonably small (auditable) code base with a small and shallow dependency tree - it should not be challenging to verify that it is not doing anything sketchy...

Why does my machine sometimes instantly come on from sleep?

About 50% of the time, if I choose sleep, it turns back on as soon as it shuts down. This can happen a couple times in a row. Other times, it sleeps normally and only comes back on with keyboard input. I’ve looked at running processes and there doesn’t seem to be anything I dual happening at the times it starts back up. Any...

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