Debian Bug report logs: #1057843 - linux: ext4 data corruption in 6.1.64-1

Due to an issue in ext4 with data corruption in kernel 6.1.64-1, we are pausing the 12.3 image release for today while we attend to fixes. Please do not update any systems at this time, we urge caution for users with UnattendedUpgrades configured. Please see bug# 1057843:


I don’t understand why they haven’t pulled the update… it is still in the repo and your system will upgrade to it if you run apt update.


I just tried to update and it failed with error 403 when it tried to download the kernel, so it seems like they took measures.

danielfgom, avatar

I saw this on Mastodon this morning. Which is lucky since Linux Mint Debian Edition offered to install this kernel this morning too.

Obviously I deselected that option and only installed the other updates. I’ll wait for it to offer 6.1.66

d3Xt3r, (edited )

This was already fixed in 6.1.66. Both are “old” kernels, so it’s nothing to worry about, unless you/your distro was deliberately staying on 6.1 for some odd reason (yes, I’m aware 6.1 is LTS, but so is 6.6).


Debian Stable is on 6.1.

faethon, avatar

Does this affect ubuntu and raspberry os releases as well? Since these are based on debian?


Unlikely as they both have their own kernels.

Edit: actually raspberry pi uses a 6.1 kernel it seems so this might affect them. But they aren’t using the Debian package directly.


Zabbly 6.6 is available

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