Remote desktop for Wayland?

I only just switched to Linux last month that time I don’t know what Wayland or X11 is and I just use Linux like normal without knowing I’m using Wayland (KDE), now since I’m already configured my KDE desktop on Wayland and I don’t wanna do it again, so I’m looking for a remote desktop that work under Wayland not locally but from anywhere does anyone know software like that exist? (Sorry for horrible English)


Rustdesk vouch.


What is it you’d like to do? You might be able to do it with ssh


KDE and Gnome both have this feature built in.

mranderson17, (edited )

What version of kde? I haven’t tried it, or read about it beyond the changelog, however the latest beta release says that it supports RDP to connect to plasma desktops which is quite an interesting development if it works the way it sounds like it does:

Remote Desktop system integration to allow RDP clients to connect to Plasma desktops, plus a new page in System Settings for configuring this

For the “from anywhere” component you could use a vpn, but if you’re looking for a simple solution with zero configuration than nomachine or rustdesk seem more appropriate. Just thought the RDP support was worth sharing.

D_Air1, (edited ) avatar

It does and I’m beta testing plasma 6.1 now. I can confirm it is there. I’ll have to give it a try later.

ColdWater, avatar

Thanks for the replies, I’m going for Rustdesk it’s seem pretty good

woelkchen, avatar

I only found RustDesk recently and it’s awesome.


Rustdesk is pretty decent and being developed quite fast. Why not look at MeshCentral too. Choice is good and MC has been around for a fair old while.

My company replaced Teamviewer with MC and we have thousands of client machines across the UK.


Hopefully the team has smartened up a bit since these days


Were they just disabling Wayland instead of handling it properly? Is that what the code was doing?


Yes, but by editing config files 😐


Huge. Good stuff. Lol


Not great for Wayland

umbrella, avatar

gnomes own remote access solution is the one that works for me rn

MalReynolds, avatar

So, still no official, sigh. Along with potentially rustdesk, I’ve found Sunshine/Moonlight useful but setup sucks.

umbrella, (edited ) avatar

i havent been able to get it to work on wayland

MalReynolds, avatar

tried bazzite ? nvidia issues ?

umbrella, (edited ) avatar

running amd atm. the sunshine linux maintainer said he wont maintain the wayland backend.

MalReynolds, avatar

Well, that’s disappointing.

Hominine, avatar

Sunshine/Moonlight works well for me also.

bruhduh, avatar



The only success I’ve had to connect to my wayland desktop was with Gnome, (at the time, it only worked if I was already logged in, though there was an extension that let you overcome a locked desktop). Once in, it worked well. Sort of. Had no luck with KDE, though that may have changed. VNC gave me no end of difficulty so I gave up.

All in all, a bit of a fiasco. YMMV - I’m sure my own incompetence was to blame (but should it not be… easier?)


So you want to remote desktop into your computer?

That would be served by wayvnc which is a service.

Strit, avatar

I’ve heard good things about RustDesk. Very similar to TeamViewer.

INeedMana, avatar

If you want to access your computer from outside your LAN, it would be a good idea to at least secure it or, unfortunately the best, learn to understand what you are doing

Coming back to the topic, though, I’d start with checking these out


I’ve always liked “nomachine” for remote desktop access. It seems to support Wayland.


We use NoMachine at work too, for WFH users’ remote access to internal servers and virtual desktops. It’s a nice tidy solution, it was forked from NX library from the X2GO project about 10 years ago and went commercial, they used the commercial money to continue to develop the technology.

Given it was forked from NX/X2GO it definitely works better on Xorg than Wayland, it seems like Wayland support was added as an afterthought bolted on.

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