Hubi, avatar

Thank god, that bug was annoying as hell. I was searching for a bug report on this a couple of days ago but couldn’t find one.


Oh bruh. I thought there was something wrong with my system.

Scio, (edited )

Now, can we please fix the bookmarks drop-down next? Every time I try to open a nested folder and it just closes because I was too slow and imprecise in moving my mouse I die a little inside 🥲


That sounds like you need larger dropdowns? As in with more padding?


I did in fact use to add large padding to the menus back when it was possible, so I couse use my drawing tablet to navigate bookmarks! But alas…

I think it’s a bug specific to how Firefox handles menus though. Case in point, it only does this some of the times, usually after two levels. Just a single level, and it stays open, except when the second level is too wide to fit to the space available to the right—

As I was typing this I realized that is it. It doesn’t work if the new level cannot open to the right of the menu. Then, moving the mouse away slightly closes it. But now that I’ve moved the bookmark menu button to the left, it stays open for four or five levels deep!

Gotta get used to the new location, but good enough!!

(I know, I need to sort out my mess of a bookmarks collection. It’s almost two decade old, cut me some slack!)


Glad you got it solved, happy to have been your rubber ducky! And great to know you’ll sort your 15-year-old Firefox bookmarks out in a few years, around the same time I will 😃

sudoreboot, (edited ) avatar

I don’t remember encountering the particular bug they’re describing. I was hoping it was about the behaviour of drag-and-dropping something into the browser, such as with those “drop a file here to upload”. I am often simply unable to make that work because instead of the thing being dropped into the webpage’s element, it opens the file in the browser instead, which is not really something I ever want to do.

reddthat, avatar

I’m not alone!!!

redbr64, avatar

Oh wait, I misread (or assumed) that’s what they were talking about! Dang… BTW, in my case it works if you drag the file in, and then hold it there for like 5+ seconds until the UI reacts so you can drop

Fizz, avatar

I’ve been recently forced into a Microsoft only environmental for work and one of the features from edge that I’d like to see in Firefox is the split screen. I know Firefox can do this better as the edge feature is so basic.

Thorned_Rose avatar

Why not just drag a tab out as a separate window on one side of the screen and the other tab at the other side?

Fizz, avatar

Clicking a button is easier.

Also its more screen space efficient. Two browser windows side by side duplicates the bookmark and url bar squashing it down.

Having both pages next to each other in the same window is very nice and once you get used to it you don’t want to go back.

We have splitting in file mangers and it’s a loved feature.


What good is split screen in a browser?

Fizz, avatar

If I want to do two things at once. Splitting the page in the browser looks better and works better than having two browser windows tiled next to each other.


Splitting … a webpage?


No, different pages.…

I don’t have much use for it, the way I tile, but I could see it being useful.

Fizz, avatar

To look at two different parts at the same time. Or two different web pages. Both are useful.

MonkderDritte, (edited )

Ah, now i get it, thanks.

But rightclick duplicate and in new window works too.


Idk why you’re downvoted for this. I’d also like to see split tabs in firefox. I do research/writing for a living and having both open in one window would be nice.

Fizz, avatar

Probably because it’s not relevant to the original post but I’m happy that it’s generated some discussion.


Floorp (a firefox fork) has split view as well. (It isn’t great but it works)

Fizz, avatar

Might give that a geez and see how it works.

redbr64, avatar

Oh, it wasn’t just me!


No, I thought it was just me!

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