Should I consider switching? X11 just works and I’d need to rewrite all my config and I don’t really have the time rn.




If your graphics card isn’t a NVIDIA you would be fine with Wayland since months.


I tried switching to Wayland on Mint, it did not go well. Unfortunately I do not care to follow an hour long guide to figure out how to get it to run games properly.

NamelessGO, (edited )

Mint Wayland support is experimental and was released in Mint 21.3 ~3 months ago

The Wayland session isn’t as stable as the default (X11) one. It lacks features and it comes with its own limitations.

It was added as a preview for people interested in Wayland and as an easy way for them to test if they want to give us feedback.

A board was set up to keep track of Wayland development. It’s available at trello.com/b/HHs01Pab/cinnamon-wayland.

A dedicated Github repository was created for issues related to Wayland, whether they need fixing in Cinnamon, in an XApp project, a Mint tool or anything software project we maintain: github.com/linuxmint/wayland.

In terms of timing Wayland support doesn’t need to be fully ready (i.e. to be a better Cinnamon option for most people) before 2026 (Mint 23.x). That leaves us 2 years to identify and to fix all the issues. It’s something we’ll continue to work on and improve release after release.



Voluntarily uploaded data? This feels like that old linux user count site.

I will run that probe on my machines to contribute, though.


For completeness, we should review the involuntarily uploaded data as well.


Don’t forget the voluntarily not uploaded data! That can’t be left out.


Is this because of me?


Finally, it’s the year of the other desktop!

Pantherina, (edited )


Btw I am XWayland free since today!

I have a list of recommended apps here

Some apps need environment variables:


  • qpwgraph


  • GPU Screen recorder, I guess


  • Nextcloud Flatpak
  • MullvadVPN RPM
  • Signal Flatpak
  • (Element, I switched to the Webapp in Librewolf)
  • Freetube Flatpak

You can use xlsclients -l to detect apps using XWayland.

Some may even want to run apps through XWayland on purpose, like KeepassXC for Clipboard access or autotype. Lets see how long it takes to implement all the needed protocols.

@PiratePanPan@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar


flatpak bad lmao


Flatpak saved my ass when I super broke my Arch upgrade but didn’t have time to fix it before work. I ran using only Flatpak apps for like 6 weeks because they were the only thing that worked

@PiratePanPan@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Decent use case. You do use snapshots now, right?

OsrsNeedsF2P, (edited )

Trying to set up snapshots is what broke my system. Not sure what the issue was exactly, but BTRFS was reporting a different amount of used space than there actually was, and my snapshots started recursively backing up until everything died

Next time I install Linux I’m going to use Ext4 and snapshots out the gate

@PiratePanPan@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

That’s weird. I’ve had zero issues with BTRFS and I have both compression and snapshots.

Have you looked at bcachefs, by the way?


Honestly, I’m kind of tired of complicated stuff. I just want a fs that works and is easy to do recovery operations on when it doesn’t work. My SSD is big enough

@PiratePanPan@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Yeah. I’m hoping bcachefs ends up being good.

Pantherina, (edited )

Funny. True, on superstable but also super unstable systems, having separated apps makes most sense.

Not actually on “immutable” rpm-ostree systems, as these have the best and most solid package management.

So actually when people say “these immutable systems, you just use Flatpaks”, actually on the regular systems you should mainly use Flatpaks.


Let me know when wine finally gets ported to Wayland!


True, if I use bottles Flatpak as a GTK wayland app, the actual apps still use XWayland.

Not using any Wine apps though.


Yeah, games are the big reason I jumped ship and I’m pretty excited about the ongoing work porting Wine to Wayland. I’m also too broke to upgrade from my Nvidia card so the efforts improving Nvidia on Wayland are greatly appreciated.

Gotta save up for an education somehow.😄


Yes, “just buy new hardware” is not a solution.

But dont let some news fool ya. NVIDIA already won the AI race, so their “new open source driver” will only benefit their newly sold products


Yeah, thankfully I’ve got a turing card (2000 +)which is said to be the cutoff for the open source drivers.


I’ll just wait for the official version to finish porting to Wayland. Nothing against the three guys working on this version. I’m sure they’re good people.

@kinther@lemmy.world avatar



Waiting for explicit sync support from nvidia but even then, I doubt I’ll switch until I can enable tearing. I’m sensitive to input latency and playing on wayland feels like my aim is floating


Hw-probe is a nice project. To buy my laptop I created an usb bootable linux that auto connectet my mobile hotspot and uploaded the report.
I went to som shops and usbbooted their devices.
Most shops had no problem with that.
So I found a working convertable laptop. 👍

What's sad ont this linux-hardware.org website is the poor desin of this homepage.
It is really not usable, except for your own device. But also there its difficult to analyse for certain hardware details.


I’m quite surprised they actually allowed to stick unknown USB into computer they will be selling to their customers 😮


Glad to see it finally happening. Wayland has been an amazing experience for several years


X11 has been mostly solid for me. Wonder if Wayland would be worth messing with.


To temper your expectations you’ll likely have some problems. But you’ll have the ability in future to make use of new display technologies, like VRR and HDR


If you have NVIDIA, wait until the explicit sync stuff makes it to your distro. Otherwise, go for it!

@GustavoM@lemmy.world avatar

As someone who switched to wayland way back when sway was dominant…? About time.


Way to go Wayland


Web is no display server.


It is possible, although unlikely, that it is the display server for WebOS, the OS Palm built and LG bought. I seem to recall them having their own display server.


Ah right, their smart-tv OS.


It was pretty nice on a phone.

@VinesNFluff@pawb.social avatar

I’m willing to bet that, like Linux usage statistics, Steam Deck had something to do with this.

Anyway, I wish I could switch to Wayland, but back when I used it it caused a dozen programs I use everyday to get very crashy.


Doesn’t steam deck use x11?

@VinesNFluff@pawb.social avatar

After doing some sniffing: Yes AND no

The default “gaming mode” that the Deck boots into is running wayland, specifically valve’s own gamescope compositor which has a lot of workarounds and breaks from wayland’s spec to allow for better gaming performance.

When you quit out to “desktop mode” it loads into KDE Plasma with X11, although with recent changes to Plasma, it may well be that the desktop mode will change to being wayland based too.


Pony? Pony.

@VinesNFluff@pawb.social avatar

Sorry I’m a little horse.


You sound a little hoarse


How many Steam deck users are uploading their hardware stats though? This is opt-in reporting.

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