let's cut the "Reddit" circle jerk and start actually making content

Not that it is not interesting but I would like just a tad more variety on the front page.

Edit btw for those who are wondering the two communities I started are https://lemmy.world/c/newmusic and https://kbin.social/m/musicfeedback/microblog (not sure if I have the links correct for people)

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Posts like this are just adding to the reddit circle jerk, you know. Don't post shit like this, just post the content you're talking about.


"Can you guys just start posting the content I like, please?"

I don't like all the reddit posts either but sheesh


I mean, I feel him to a degree. Since Lemmy isn't quite as big new posts are harder to come by

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It’s a very fresh topic and still ongoing so of course it’s being talked about. Eventually it will die down then go away. The stuff we don’t need is posts like this.


Maybe we need a post complaining about posts complaining about Reddit so we can complete the cycle until we need to add another link into the chain.


all for those sweet sweet kbin points

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Yep, having a bunch of front page posts complaining (not trying to put it harshly) about the content just makes it look like the problem is worse to outsiders and doesn't help perceptions. Let people talk about what they want, but vote accordingly and people will get tired of talking about reddit as less and less people engage with those posts. This post being here is causing more reddit-related engagement. Upvote the kind of content you want to see and it'll rise up higher, becoming more visible and creating a virtuous cycle of positive engagement.

Likewise, my only time spent on reddit is to upvote reddit drama discussion. Doing so will help push people who are "just tired of the drama and want to post" to find the fediverse a more enticing place to participate in.


Great comment

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Also, it's relevant to a lot of the userbase. Like, this is relevant to something that just personally impacted the majority of the userbase here -- it's gonna probably be of interest.

I do agree with the idea that it's good to get more content up, though. Go find a couple interesting things a day and submit them. I have!

There are also some people at the BotIt magazine on kbin.social working on setting up a bot to mirror Reddit subreddit submissions to kbin magazines, which might help ease disruption for some subreddits.

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first iteration of botit actually is able to do what you mentioned now: https://kbin.social/m/BotIt/t/48548/BotIt-GitHub-project-can-now-cross-post-highly-upvoted-links-from


A much better method is to make a post explaining and encouraging how to contributing to the fediverse. That was what got me posting, someone said something to the effect of "if you really want to see the fediverse thrive, then start adding content to the fediverse!"


Good point, although I don't feel qualified


You are a human being. You have wishes, dreams, joys, anxieties, hopes, opinions, knowledge, and wisdom. You possess an inner child as well as a rich heart, an amazing mind, and everything in between that makes you, you.

You're qualified.


You are too kind, I am so happy here now, feels just like the old days again


Go subscribe to some communities you like, show subscribed, profit.

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This is the way!


The biggest issue with most Reddit-like websites is that the general user-base tends to talk a lot about Reddit and why they hate it.

The issue with lack of content is the 90-9-1 rule. I’m planning to actually start posting to this website soon just to start more discussions and topics. Post anything and everything; it’s how a site like this grows.


Your right IMO


I'm with you. I've been posting Q/A thread in /c/chat and a few memes as I come across them. I've also been participating in some pretty interesting threads around here

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What is this chat you’re talking about?




You know, I tried creating content about animal facts and nobody read it.


I'm here trying to learn how this service operates, and am finding a few bugs that make it more challenging than it probably should be. Some things, like trying to post musings or my own miscilaneous content "to myself" (that is, it would be part of my own page that can be viewed, but not part of a particular community) just gives me a spinning wheel indefinitely. If nothing else, better feedback from the UI would greatly help.

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I’ve been content creating like crazy. I’d really like some of these hobby and interest communities to take off. I’m actually trying to hold back in some places so the community isn’t just saturated by posts from me.




I‘m doing my part! (trying to build a bass related community). Come join a place to talk about the best instrument in the world.


I started a new community for my open source project: https://lemmy.ml/c/osintbuddy


I'd like to complain about reddit for at least another month, thank you.


I agree that we should not create a community based on the hate of another community.

Such an act would belittle us all, not least those who came before us on the Fideverse.

We have all made our stand. We have shown our colours, and now it is time for us to stand on our own.

I hope this community grows and builds on the goal of open discourse and mutual respect.


Well said

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Happy to get away from collapsing the first 10 comment threads to get to good reading.


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Is that the timecube guy?


I'm in support of this. I was explaining to my wife just a bit ago that most of the "content" on lemmy and kbin is all about lemmy and kbin, and very little about anything else. For those of us coming from reddit, most of the content on reddit isn't about reddit. I'd like it if lemmy and kbin was mostly original content.


c/piracy and c/sysadmin are already posting actual content

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Tbh, all the subs are posting content. It's just lemmy.world is for the discussion of the server not the c/subscriptions

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