RTR#47 Silent tests are being conducted on the instance

Quiet tests of the latest changes and patching of outstanding errors are ongoing on the instance. The remaining changes will be implemented by the end of the week. I have also completed all outstanding formalities related to the project and everyday matters. Starting from next week, work will pick up pace. Until then, I would like to observe what is happening.

ThatOneKirbyMain2568 avatar

Nice to hear that you have these formalities out of the way!

Quick bug report: When I click the vote buttons, the actions do register but the buttons don't always change color. In other words, the vote buttons don't get or lose the active class in HTML. Additionally, the boost button everywhere has just ceased to have the active class at all, even on things I've boosted in the past.

LollerCorleone avatar

Can confirm that I am seeing this bug too.

Kierunkowy74 avatar

Federation bug report: it looks, that I am not receiving posts from a write.as blog (despite following it for some time)

Teppic avatar

I feel it would be seasonal to schedule at least some time off over the next week or so too!
Good to hear you've at least got the boring admin 'formallities' sorted for a while!

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