Haskell Interlude Podcast 49: Arseniy Seroka (haskell.foundation)

Wouter and Joachim interview Arseny Seroka, CEO of Serokell. Arseny got into Haskell because of a bet over Pizza, fell for it because it means fewer steps between his soul and his work, and founded Serokell because he could not get a Haskell job. He speaks about the business side of a Haskell company, about the need for more...

[Well-Typed Blog] Improvements to the ghc-debug terminal interface (www.well-typed.com)

ghc-debug is a debugging tool for performing precise heap analysis of Haskell programs (check out our previous post introducing it). While working on Eras Profiling, we took the opportunity to make some much needed improvements and quality of life fixes to both the ghc-debug library and the...

[Well-Typed Blog] Choreographing a dance with the GHC specializer (Part 1) (well-typed.com)

This is the first of a two-part series of blog posts on GHC specialization, an optimization technique used by GHC to eliminate the performance overhead of ad-hoc polymorphism and enable other powerful optimizations. There will also be a Haskell Unfolder episode about this topic.

The Haskell Unfolder Episode 22: foldr-build fusion (well-typed.com)

When composing several list-processing functions, GHC employs an optimisation called foldr-build fusion. Fusion combines functions in such a way that any intermediate lists can often be eliminated completely. In this episode, we will look at how this optimisation works, and at how it is implemented in GHC: not as built-in...

Haskell Interlude 45 - András Kovács (haskell.foundation)

In this episode, András Kovács is being interviewed by Andres Löh and Matthias Pall Gissurarson. We learn how to go from economics to functional programming, how GHC's runtime system is superior to Rust's, the importance of looking at GHC's Core for spotting stray closures, and why staging might be the answer to all your...

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