Stray really disappointed me. I want a real cat game.

Just an open world survival game, only you’re a cat, dealing with regular cat problems. You have to hunt, avoid larger animals, compete with other cats, figure out which humans are dangerous and which will give you treats, judiciously spray things to maintain your territory, maybe mate and reproduce (your sex and fertility status are basically difficulty settings), etc.

You start out as a housecat going on a spring vacation with your family, and that’s the tutorial section. Then your humans accidentally leave you behind at their country vacation home, and then the difficulty is just the passing of seasons. See if you can survive winter and see your humans again next spring.

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You should try playing Cattails which is basically exactly that. You play as a stray cat living a regular cat life. You can hunt, socialize with other cats (some are nice, some not), etc. No humans, just cats. The start of the game you get abandoned by humans I think?


I second this game. The cat can also find a mate abd have kittens


What about Little Kitty Big City?


The jumping in the demo felt wrong. Pounces that felt possible weren't, and you can't cancrl out when lining one up. I hope it's fixed in the full game, there's untapped potential in that game


There are an absurd number of cat themed games on Steam, although tbf Stray seems to be the most realistic and polished of the bunch


Coming fresh off a Yakuza game, my first thoughts are: I‘m worried about what happens when I max out my heat gauge in this game. O_O


tokyo jungle is like this, although not limited to playing as cats. cats are one of many animals you can play as


Tokyo Jungle needs a remake or a spiritual successor. It's such an interesting game!


I’ve never owned a cat myself but I have watched enough internet cat videos to know why they’re so popular. I plan to check out Stray at some point, but waiting for it to discount 50%+ before pulling the trigger.


So, maybe instead of Goose, Untitled Cat Game?

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I’d play that.

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You may be interested in this game:…/Little_Kitty_Big_City/

It’s not out yet, but there is a demo to try.

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Honestly just want Catz back

Catz game on Windows 95


Have you tried Shelter 2? It’s not quite the same thing, but you play a lynx with five adorable cubs trying to survive in a wilderness setting. (Warning: your playthrough will likely involve some or all of your adorable cubs dying.)


I do like your idea but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like Stray. I finished the entire game and I loved it. The cat was adorable, the friends I made a long the way were interesting and I really felt for them despite their, uh, limitations. Just leaving it at that to avoid spoilers as I only saw that it was a cute cat game before I tried it and enjoyed being surprised by how it ended up.

But yes, I do think a game like you’re describing would also be fun. Maybe not as a stray cat, per se, but maybe as a small breed of wild cat living away from humans so you don’t have too much interaction with them and they’re something you’re inherently distrustful of.


Genuine question: how much of the marketing material did you see? I thought it was always clear that it was gonna be an exploration/puzzle game in a cyberpunk world with a baddie.

I had the opposite reaction, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed the small things, like scratching a carpet!

I do hope you find something more like what you’re wishing for, though 🙂


The cat flopping over the first time he wears the backpack was spot on


I forgot about that but at the time I almost died because that was so real!

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Yeah if OP went into stray expecting an open world survival game, that’s on them. It’s kind of silly to be disappointed that a game does not meet expectations fabricated entirely within your own head.


I don’t play many games, but Stray was one of the best that I’ve ever played, honestly. Not too long, emotionally satisfying with equally satisfying gameplay.


I agree, but I also agree with OP. went in expecting a cat game and it effectively was just a regular adventure game but you’re a cat. Not the other way around.


Did you go in like completely blind? The trailers and marketing material alweays made it apparent you're adventuring in a weird futuristic dystopia solving some kind of mystery


The cat part is also almost entirely irrelevant to the game. Neither the story nor the mechanics really care that you’re a cat. Sure you do more climbing than walking, but you do that in uncharted too. Linear combing sections are not what I imagine when I think “cat movement.”

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With the non-Steam version of Dwarf Fortress, you could edit the RAWS and make cats a playable race in Adventure Mode. The game simulates cats extremely well. So well, it was actually the cause of a “bug” at one point because the cats will lick themselves clean and would die of alcohol poisoning cleaning spilled liquor off their body after being in the dining halls.

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Wow. DF never disappoints.


Make it people would love it, though I'd say the opening ends with the place being on fire so as the cat needs to escape and that's where the separation stems from, because I couldn't imagine just forgetting my cat.

That just made me think you could also make the game where the family abandons the cat and it hunts them down and kills them, same premise though, in the end the cat finds the family.

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