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It's hard to feel sympathy for people giving money to companies like Ubisoft, Epic and EA. It's not like them being assholes that constantly screw over their customers is a new thing.

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All the multiplayer games that are delisted should have their server data turn open source, in order for the games to still be playable.

All the games generally that are delisted should become public domain so they can be preserved and be accessible to those who paid for them.

the kind of shenanigans that you “rent” a game by paying on Uplay and other platforms is ridiculous.

“You will own nothing and you ll be happy.”

All kinds of digital data are headed towards the end of there is no ownership.

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I hate big game companies as much as the next guy but this is the most immature, entitled take ever. So much so that I’d think for sure that you were trolling if I wasn’t on this website.

EULAs are just that: an agreement. Don’t like the terms, then don’t accept them. Literally no one in the world has ever been forced to play an Ubisoft game and I have very little sympathy for anyone who still plays them, but expecting Ubisoft to make their games public domain and open-source (with most of the games’ backbone probably still being used today) makes you sound like a child who didn’t get their way on the playground.

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The EULAs that you have to accept after you've already purchased the game? Yeah, such a fair proposition they make. There should be some mechanism in place to prevent games like this from disappearing, because it's actively destroying the medium, but until then, the best I can do is not put any time or money into an game with a killswitch.

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No, I mean the EULAs that can be read for free online before you even buy the game (recent Ubisoft game for example). Or, if any proactive effort is too difficult for you, Steam will refund your full purchase as long as you have less than two hours of play time.

the best I can do is not put any time or money into an game with a killswitch

I agree. You’re not entitled to the labor of others, even if those others are shitty videogame corporations. Ubisoft has the right to manage their IPs however they want.

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Where does one find the EULA for a game on the shelf when they buy it at Walmart? Don't defend companies for shitty practices in need of legal reform. At least, before you resorted to namecalling the person you replied to before, you still have some argument to stand on, but this isn't being entitled to the labor of others; it's being entitled to use the thing that you bought. Their labor was already done.

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I suggested delisted games, that generate no income, should become public domain. I also suggested that the servers of delisted online games, that also generate no income should go open source.

As far as the EULA is concerned, I said that they should rent but they should sell, as they did a few years back. The corporations CHANGED their policies not the consumer. The way they conduct business, drives people who are a little tech savvy to switch to the high seas.

If they are immoral enough to “rent” a piece of software instead of selling it, thus rendering it unusable after a period of time, then I don’t blame some one for pirating this piece of software after it’s “delisted” or “removed”

You should read carefully the comments my friend

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I recently re-installed The Crew 2 because I wanted to start a new character and start the story again from scratch. Unfortunately I'd forgotten that YOU CAN'T START AGAIN (Jackie Chan Confused Meme). Because of these ridiculous shenanigans of theirs your progress is inextricably tied to your online account. They have literally built a system that limits replayability. Bravo.

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@novamdomum @wave_walnut That's awful! 😔 yet another way to push you to the new game.


Even people who bought it physically!?

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Well, it relies on servers to play it on, so I'm pretty sure that yes, even people who bought it physically will be locked out.


Yes. The game requires you to be online at all times even though it’s mostly a single player game.

We need laws requiring companies to patch the game to be playable offline when they inevitably shut the servers down. This is unacceptable.


That wouldn’t hurt, though the current ToS of all platforms like Ubisoft’s or Steam do say that you only buy a subscription/license when you make a purchase. It’s something I bring up when people refuse to pay for Game Pass and think it’s any different.

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though the current ToS of all platforms like Ubisoft’s or Steam do say that you only buy a license when you make a purchas

It always been like that, even with physical games


It requires a connection to the servers to play the single player.

So yes, even people who bought a physical version lose the ability to play the game.

Tl;dr: DRM sucks, buying does not imply owning.

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