Gabe has said multiple times he would never sell Valve to Microshaft.

Every time I see these “rumors” I can’t help but think that they are a malicious tactic by Microshaft to try and influence their more longshot buyout offers-- Microshaft really really wants Valve, this has been known for at least a decade. And some overzealous young execs are foolishly ready to try and pressure Valve with these bullshit tactics, completely unaware of what dangerous game they are playing legally.

I have no doubt in my mind Valve will never be sold to Microshaft or come anywhere close to it so long as Gabe or his confidants are at the helm. They are ex-Microsoft employees. They built Windows 3.0. They know it’s inner workings and failings very intimately and they only begrudgingly tolerate Windows because it’s the dominant market share. That’s the whole reason SteamOS and Steam Deck exist, to chip away at Microsoft’s attempts to monopolize PC gaming. And that’s exactly why Microsoft is hoarding IP and restricting their most prestigious titles, like Halo, to Windows through anticheat.

Whoever is starting these rumors are either pathetically stupid and attention hungry or are spreading misinformation in a hail mary at the behest of Microshaft.


Valve is easily more valuable than any other gaming company just steam itself is. Also Gabe hates Microsoft, he wouldn’t sell for all the money in the world at gunpoint.


fuck no.

actiblizz is a shit co. with scummy biz practices, don’t need more of those in the gaming industry


Gabe Newel, former Microsoft employee, would literally never sell to Microsoft.

Also, Microsoft paid $69b for ActiBlizz. Valve is not worth less than ActiBlizz, like just from a business standpoint. No way $16b would even be considered a real offer.

This is 100% a fake rumor.

NOT_RICK, avatar

Smells like bs


It is, confirmed as a baseless rumor…/microsoft-not-buying-valve-counter-…

Makes sense too, MS just barely squeaked by with ABK, ain’t no way they’d try again this soon.


I see game piracy getting increasingly popular if this rumour holds weight and comes to fruition.

Riccosuave, (edited ) avatar

So long Steam. We had a good run, but I guess it is finally time for Phil Spencer to take you out behind the woodshed.


Nothing good can come of this.

BolexForSoup avatar

I’m willing to bet $100 this ain’t happening.


I mean I think I’ve already been radicalized, so what would I call this?


Yeah Microsoft sees this as a way to kill gaming in linux. They are starting to understand what could happen. I really hope they don’t sell, but money talks alot unfortunately. We really can’t have anything nice anymore.


Don’t do it Gabe.

Brunbrun6766, avatar

Hasn’t valve said multiple times that they are not interested in selling to anyone


Hate to say it but almost everyone has a number. Hopefully Valve’s number is more than anyone would offer.


Sure, but according to the article Gabe only owns about 25% of the company, so conceivably if MS throws enough money at them, surely enough people will vote in favour. I certainly hope this never happens, of course.


His ownership stake is undisclosed but has long been speculated to be at least 50.1% for the obvious reason


according to the article Gabe only owns about 25% of the company

The source for that number is the same Xitter that made up the rumor in the first place:

Insights from Dior, a prominent figure in the Counter-Strike community, reveal that Gabe Newell owns less than 25% of Valve.

Valve is not a public company. Unless Dior is on the board of Valve, or know someone who is, he doesn’t know the makeup of the ownership structure. Wikipedia cites a Forbes article that says Gabe owns “more than half” of Valve, although that article was published in 2011 so it’s possible that’s changed.

nanoUFO, avatar

It does pose the idea that if gabe isn’t the sole owner could they be bought out. It’s possible but unlikely.


Thanks for pointing this out. It looks, from other articles, that this rumour is completely unsubstantiated anyway so I guess it’s a moot point. Now that I think about it, 16 billion seems pathetically low for the money-printing machine that is Steam.

nanoUFO, avatar

Would legit ruin gaming for me if it were true and it did happen.


This rumor was started by someone on Twitter and is not real.…/microsoft-not-buying-valve-counter-…

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