This is the only sidewalk to get down from a ridge in town. The walking path is under 3’ wide, often with piles of junk. The road is 30 mph, but people usually go 40+ mph and it’s around a blind corner with a huge retaining wall on one side.

Bonus: once you get to the bottom of the hill, the sidewalk ends in a crux between two merging double lanes (makes a 4 lane road) so you don’t even get to keep heading down the hill at the bottom, but get to then cross two lanes of 40mph traffic with no crosswalks.

jabathekek, avatar

Funny that this is in Washington, because many of the roads in Victoria on Vancouver Island look exactly like this, retaining wall and a side walk that was installed almost as an afterthought. Maybe it’s the harsh climate of the PNW that makes everyone so dependent on cars.


A short, steep, poor visibility, no merge area entrance that immediately preceeds a narrow, no shoulder concrete bridge. Easily more than half the cars attempting this ramp during commute hours end up stopping completely. Because even when we focus cars, we can’t do that right.

If bad bike lanes are more your thing, follow the state route north into town. Unguarded. Impossibly narrow. Frequently obstructed. They’re more dangerous to use than the car lane.

jabathekek, (edited ) avatar

Jeeze, and look at all those vehicle bits on the shoulder.

*And 5 mile long turning lanes. Who’s idea was it to put a highway right through the town? ;-;

lnxtx, avatar

“Turn right on red” green indicators 🚦➡️.
I was almost hit by a car again today.

Will black paint help?

About a 6 months ago I was hit by a driver.
I had green… I still feel back pain.

thejevans, (edited ) avatar

I just walked from my office to get some lunch. There are a few options nearby, which is nice, but to get to any of them, I have to cross multiple massive parking lots and at least two non-signaled pedestrian crossings at stop signs that are 40+ feet wide. Between walking the 1/4 mile to lunch and back, I had 3 cars almost back out of a parking spot while I was walking by, and had one van roll into the crosswalk right in front of me at a stop sign.

EDIT: Also, there are only sometimes sidewalks available.

scrubbles, avatar

Well come on, WALKING to lunch? That’s crazy. Hell that’s why they have food trucks, so they can drive to you!

What do you expect, mystical office buildings with retail below? Or commercial shops on the same block. No way man, stop trying to make America into Europia

jabathekek, avatar

Walking to lunch is communism!

scrubbles, avatar

If you aren’t getting into your car and driving for at least 10 minutes each way to go get lunch on your 30 minute unpaid lunch period so you can eat it alone at your desk when you get back - are you even American?

jabathekek, avatar

I’ll start:…/data=

A massive intersection of stroads that disrupt what would have been a great rail-trail.

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